Daily Archive: September 26, 2013

Great Home Automation Gadget

I have a beautiful chandelier in my living room that has a very oddly placed on off switch. Since it was kind of difficult to turn on and off I very rarely used it. I purchased this so that I could use this chandelier daily. I placed the motion sensor at the front door so as soon as I open the door the light turns on. I really love this product and want to thank Belkin for making such a wonderful product. I had no problems setting it and I have been using it for two weeks now and I have not had an issue as of yet. The only con for me is the price. I wish that they would sell a set of three for a reduced price. I can think of other places I would love to have one of these!!!

I am able to co from from anywhere and store simple rules. Works for what I got it for. I look forward to a number of improvements such as: an android widget, control from a web browser, having it automatically turn off some interval after I turn it on, multiple conditions in IFFT (so that when it is over 85 degrees and I am on my way home the AC comes on), local control( so using a switch on the controlled object turns it on).

But it does allow me to control a device from anywhere and set timers so it does what I bought it for. It is still a little expensive but I am glad I waited rather than sending it back. Android works with it for me on this version.

You may not get a very good signal from your router. I use my Wemos to control my window AC units in the bedroom and living room windows. I did have them plugged in a lower spot and I had to change the configuration.

Using if this then that (ITFFF.com) has been fantastic. If the temperature reaches 86° my living room AC comes on and then it automatically goes off at 10 PM. Isn’t that special? I have a central AC controlled by Nest but I also have the window units because the house is very large and old so I need to spot cool here and there. WeMo allows me to control these AC units in ways I could’ve never imagined. With the right set up Wemo can be fantastic. Just be sure that they’re not hidden behind furniture.

It could not connect to the access point (AP) but this problem was solved after firmware update. Firmware update was noticed through iPhone App and just one click and wait for several minutes.

Without the firmware update, I probably returned the product because it did not work reliably. But with the firmware update, it works without problem. Very quick response through internet (4G network to local).

…easy to configure and simple to use. The free WEMO app is well designed and thoughtfully implemented. Just follow the “quick setup” instructions included in the box and in less than ten minutes you will have the ability to control just about anything with a plug from anywhere in the world using your home wireless network. WEMO supports multiple switches, too. Very cool stuff… Highly recommended!