Daily Archive: September 21, 2013

Perfect For Holiday Lights

I also needed it to be remote controlled. I originally bought a remote control similar to this one on Ebay. It was a different brand. That one worked well for about 2 days. I was able to switch the fountain on or off about 50-60 feet away, even inside. But, for some reason, it decided to stop working as designed. It would only work if I was about 10 feet away. So, I decided to try another type. I came across this one on Amazon.com. Once I received it, I plugged it inline with the fountain’s pump, and it has worked consistently every time. It will work with no obstruction to about 60-70 feet away. Inside through a wall, sometimes it will work sometimes not, cause there is a small obstruction in the way where I point the transmitter. But, it does work through walls as stated. Overall, I don’t think you can get any better than this for the price! It was also cheaper than the one for sale on Ebay!

The remote control works just like a garage door opener. You point it at the devise and push the button. It’s as simple as that.

I use one controller for the outdoor lights so I don’t have to run outside on a dark, cold night to unplug them. I use the other for the Christmas tree to avoid tripping over the presents to unplug it. I realize some people may use timers for their holiday lights, but my schedule varies and I only like leaving lights on when I am at home and I always turn them off when I go to sleep.

This remote controller would also make a great exchange gift because it has universal appeal.

Each one operates on a different signal and Amazon isn’t letting you know which one you’re getting. If you order two, you may even get both for all you know. That might be fine for how you want to use them, but I want one to match what I already have. I’d like to know or be given a choice. Wouldn’t you?

I bought several after trying the one. I wish they would sell units which worked on different frequencies.

The pump has a timer which would have been useful for those with regular schedules – ours are not. So, instead of going out to the garage each time to manually turn the pump on/off, we tried this radio controlled switch.

It has worked perfectly for us. The direct line path from the switch to the remote control is about 25 feet but the signal must travel through two tiled walls with metal framing, a third metal framed wall, and finally to the switch on the opposite side of the water heater.

My wife complained that the remote control didn’t work for her. She woiuld press it momentarily just enough for the light to flicker. I suggested she hold it down for at least a second. When she did that it worked consistently for her as well.