Daily Archive: September 12, 2013

Wheelchair User Says “It Works Excellently to Operate My Outdoor Fan!”

I initially thought it wouldn’t make it through a few walls even though the distance was only about 40 feet, but holding the button down for a second (vs. just a quick blip) did the job.

It works even through a plywood wall and a metal door! One note: It may not work if you just quickly “punch” the button. You need to hold it down for about a half second so the relay can open or close the switch.

The gazebo is located near the Pool area, so this was a great Solution, especially in the Evenings & Night time, when we need to turn on some novelty lighting, from the comfort of our patio, without having to go and manually plug-in cords and then have to unplug them later.

The controller is small, so we put it on a bright-colored Neck/key chain; that way you can either wear it or hang it up, but you can see it quite easily, and don’t have to search for it.

Works almost perfect, there are some ‘Angles’ to the Receiver, where you might have to move around to get a signal.

This wireless remote control with included battery works like a charm. It even works from inside my house to operate a fan located outside.

I’ll probably order another for other similar uses!

When it’s dark I like a little ambient lighting but it was to much of a hassle having to get up reach the back of the tv and turn on the light. So, I bought this remote and it works great. I don’t even have to point it at the TV, it always turns on and off when I push the button.

I couldn’t find anything to do this until I stumbled across the Skylink. The plug on the lights are inside the shed about 50′ away from the patio door. I bought the skylink on the hope it would work without my having to rewire the lights. I plugged the Skylink into the recepticle closest to the lights plug. I said a little prayer and plugged the lights into the Skylink. I walked back into the house pressed the remote control button and the lights came on. Since then, every time the button is pressed and the lights either come on or go off as needed. This ranks right up there with sliced bread for me. If you need a remote control for a power source, Skylink is the way to go. Just remember that there is a limit on the wattage it supports. Check your need and if its in limits, go for the Skylink. You won’t be disappointed. I won’t hesitate if I need another one.

This device enable you to control the lights in wireless remote control. I use it to control fluorescence light, and it works out beautifully. You dont’ have to hire contrator to do wiring anymore because of this clever design. Need to consider the circuit overload problem and make sure the electric device you want to control is within specified limit.