Daily Archive: September 28, 2013

A Good Head Start On Affordable Home Automation!

They work just as described. We have one setup to turn on lights in the porch. This way my wife can turn on the lights before arriving home, or before entering the area. Pretty cool technology!

Currently the main use is to allow me to turn on some lights in the house remotely but it is *so* simple to set up and use I’m totally bought in. I could wish for more- it’d be nice to adjust the power, e.g. for a dimmer switch, and it only works in outlets, not for in-the-wall electrics, but I do hope this spawns such devices. Can’t say enough how much I like this product.

If you have an Iphone, out of the box and a few steps and walla, control of that outlet on your Iphone, thro out the time dial old day timer and when your wife pulls up to the house turn on what you want on and vice versa, get in car and turn off what you want off, now I am just wasting your time, get one and try it you will want many….

Never worry that you forgot to leave a light on. You can fix that!

You can also set rules so that it comes on when if gets dark and turns off when the sun comes up.

The setup is a little messy and not the easiest, and if your wifi network goes down it may take some work to get it back up, but this is a truly great product for 50 bucks! Recommended.

All three programed up in minutes. I use one to control my gas fireplace, and two to control side lights. I can control them from anywhere my iPhone works! I can turn it on with my iPhone and back off with my wife’s iPhone. The interface changes the color of the switch to reflect if it is on (GREEN) or off (colorless). This changes on all iOS devices that are running its app. These devices make basic home automation easy and affordable.

Awesome product, easy to use. They stay linked to the network and do not need rebooting. Lots of potential uses for future application. I look forward to the expansion of its line and devices in my future.

I can do it from half way around the world. I also hooked one to the stereo so that if I’m streaming wifi radio on my iPad but want to hear it though the home sound system I just click. No need to go downstairs and turn on the system.

I have to admit though that I’ve had the most fun surprising people… I no where near the light or blender but there it goes! Maybe I’ll put one on my rice cooker next. Touch my iPad when I leave work and fresh cooked rice ten minutes after I get home. The possibilities are endless. Next they need one to hook up to a wall plate so I can turn on the whole house fan from downstairs.

Set up only took a couple of minutes. Very easy and intuitive.