Daily Archive: September 1, 2013

A Great Product Well Worth The Expenditure

You plug the switch into the wall, plug the appliance into the switch and press a button to turn it on or off from a remote. Range is great for my apartment. I use it to turn on and off lamps and a small water fountain in my bedroom. If you are an experimenter with home automation, it would be fairly easy to open up the remote, connect an Arduino to the button contacts and go from there. (Maybe connect an Ethernet shield as a server to read Tweets to turn things on/off from home!)

Just remember to check the bottom of the box for the small, odd battery.

The buttons on the remote would lead you to think that the left side of the button might be to turn a device off, and the right side of the button to turn it on, but in fact either side just toggles the device between on and off. There’s a seperate button for each remote device and each is numbered, so it’s easy to know which device you’re turning on or off. The relays are heavy duty and can handle heavy loads. Over all I’m quite pleased with this product.

They do exactly what they say and I’m very glad I purchased them. I find, if I’m in an insomnia phase, it’s much less disruptive to falling asleep if I can press a button when I start nodding off rather than get up to shut the light off or fiddle with a twist-knob on a lamp. It’s also great for getting out of bed – I can turn the space heater in my work area on while I’m still warm in bed.

We have a living room which is north facing and has no overhead lighting. With this set, I was able to put lights, decorative cabinet lighting, accent lighting, etc all on remote switches. When the units came, one of them did not work, but the vendor quickly replaced the set (actually got the replacement before the RMA units were in the mail back to them).

I am able to turn my lamps and fan off & on by using the remote. I am physically unable to get up to do this. Now I don’t have to ask someone to do it for me. I also used it to plug my Christmas lights into. It was so nice not having to crawl around the tree to turn them on.

This product has many uses throughout the house.

After he hooked them up I am able to control all the individual lights in the room without calling him in to do it for me. We found there is ample room to plug in another fixture if you install this in the top outlet. They have worked perfectly with no cross switching or interference with my tv or other electronics. I recommend THIS brand, though I know nothing of any others.