Daily Archive: September 29, 2013

Great Product and Lots of Potential

I was reluctant to order this product. I did try it and have to say I could not be happier.

Setting up was very easy, connecting the switch to our WAP/2 network was no problem and within 10minutes it worked perfectly.

I love ITTT-integration and look forward to more units.

The app works great. My wife and I both use it with our iPhones. I can turn it off or in with mine and it shows correctly on hers. The only time there is a slight delay for us is when we are leaving or entering our home wifi area and try to control the device during that change-over period. I recommend for sure.

About a month later, I decided to upgrade my first generation airport extreme base station (1st gen) to the same model 5th generation. I spent about three hours after setting up the new base station trying to figure out why the new switches weren’t working. The key was ensuring that your SSID was the same and that it was set to broadcast. If you don’t do both, then you’ll either have to start over and/or will fail to see the switches after they’re programmed. Great switches that work if you follow the programmer’s instructions; e.g. have a secure network, broadcast SSID (don’t change), and set password. Great device, will plan to purchase more.

After opening it we immediately started using it… we were going on vaction the next day. Works fantastic and exactly as it’s advertised! My ONLY complaint about it is, it won’t turn ON manually if you previously turned it off via WeMo. And if you turned it off manually then it won’t turn on via WeMo.

For example: I pull up in my driveway, take out my phone and turn on the livingroom lamp via WeMo before entering the house. (Awesome!! I get to enter a lit room.) When getting ready for bed and charge my phone, I turn off the living room lamp via WeMo. (Wonderful!! I didn’t have to walk across the house to turn off the light.) I forget something in my purse that is on the table by the front door, walk over and try to turn on the light so that I can see inside my purse. (Crap! The light doesn’t turn on because I turned it OFF remotely via WeMo.)

I love this product and plan to get a few more for other electronics and/or appliances in the house.

I have 3 additional switches connected to my one motion sensor and they work great. Initial setup was pretty straight forward. I was very impressed how setting up additional units was even easier as the WeMo app remembered my wifi settings. I setup a rule to have the lights turn on when someone enters a room but only after sunset and before sunrise. My rule was based on an actual time but reading about IFTTT, which these work with, I can actually have the units adjust automatically throughout the year based on the sunrise and sunset times.

My primary reason for giving this a 4 star instead of a 5 star is that I feel Belkin should made the plug for the motion sensor capable of having a device plugged into it rather than needing an additional outlet. Depending on your room layout it might not be possible to have the motion sensor near an entry point if you also have a light near the door but only one outlet due to the size of these units.