Daily Archive: September 17, 2013

Great Solution If Your Light Switch Is Blocked

The battery compartment of the remote has a flimsy lid and installing the battery between two metal retainer prongs had me get out my swiss army knife.

The main unit seems to be solidly constructed. It’s not 100% solid sate — you can hear a relay click when switching it on and off. It takes about a second to recover form an on OR off state. In other words, you must wait one second to turn it on again after it’s been switched off. And vice versa.

I bought it for my fountain which is at the very back of the yard and is hard to get to. I used to have to go out and plug it in when i wanted to run it which was a real pain. Now that I have this I can turn it on and off from inside the house! I am using it at a distance of about 40 yards. You need to have it be in a line of site for it to work.

So far so good. It has a pretty good range on it and can support almost 1,000w, so it can support a lot. I mainly use it in my shop with the lights over my work bench and it does a great job. I will buy another but as a warning make sure you get the A if you bought the B and visa-versa.

Used to control a 6′ tall multi-level marble fountain sitting on our balcony in a hi-rise Miami condo on the intra-coastal.

We keep the remote inside – about 10′ from where the unit is plugged in to the remote switch. Works the way we want w. no problem. Of course we haven’t had any major storms. Where the switch is located is pretty well isolated but still could be affected by some moisture. If we have a major storm warning where we have to close the hurricane shutters would probably bring the switch indoors.

I have one to work the fountain in the back yard. That one is set to channel A. The other one controls the fountain in the front yard. That one is set to channel B. They work perfectly and they don’t interfere with each other. They sit out there in the weather and function flawlessly. I would definitely purchase one again.

I have another that operates my wood shop dust collector. My first came from Shopsmith. This is the same unit at a better price. I use it to turn on/off an outside water foutain. The seperation between my shop and the foutain allows me to use the same “A” channel. I intend to buy a “B” unit to operate another water feature. This save a lot of hassle plugging in/unplugging the water foutain each night.

I don’t have a stereo system, which usually have their own remote control. I got tired of having to get up and turn the speakers on and off. After reading reviews, I purchased this device. It has worked very well indoors from a a distance of under 15 ft. I like this unit because the box has a short cord and does not cover outlets in my power strip. I have not had any issues with interference from other RF devices. The clicker sits on my coffee table next to the tv remote. It’s not so small that I lose it. I’m happy with this device for indoor use.