Daily Archive: September 5, 2013

Great Remote At A Great Price!

Everything that should be shut off in the morning is plugged into these all over the house. Before the door is shut I hit a button and I know all that stuff is off because of these wireless remote outlets. Very cool concept and saves me looking all over the house.

First, I ripped open the second receiver and could find no reason to mount it vertically except for the ferite antenna which is mounted horizontally in the box, Radio range may be to only reason that they said it must be mounted vertically. I found no internal device that would cause problems if mounted differently than they recommend. But I’d rather hear that from the manufacturer, yes?

Secondly, the second transmitter DID NOT WORK WITH THE FIRST RECEIVER!

So, they must have different frequencies available, albiet unpublished.

An early poster stated that both of his were on the same frequency. My two are different.

So pay your money and take your chances, yes?

I have a studio outside my residence and this little helper allows me to turn on not only the porch lights to my studio, but an inside light…allowing me to walk out to the building at night feeling safe. I don’t have to worry about entering a dark building.

Simple to install and use. Price is low compared to competitor products and quality appears to be equal. I may buy another one or two for use in different locations.

I understand all units of this model – maybe the whole brand – all work on the same frequency, so independent operation of additional power switches within the range of one remote signal is impossible. To be fair, I don’t know if any competitors offer a choice in frequency either, so this product may be as good as the entire market offers – especially in this price range.

I works reliably and I like it.

I use it to switch my bedroom lamp on a high shelf since my apartment was improperly wired – none of the wall switches actually do anything. It works from the parking lot probably because it’s on a frequency that doesn’t have much other use (according to the FCC’s website). The receiver box doesn’t require line of sight or even height, like most wireless devices. I have it wedged inbetween a dresser and the wall and it is touching the floor.

If you can find one still in stock somewhere and need it for a single device, buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

I have the Skylink plugged into an outlet within my outdoor metal generator housing! for use as an on/off switch for a wireless camera system. The Skylink is 40′ away from my window and with the blinds closed and works perfectly! My only two minor complaints are the plug wire from the base unit is only about 3 inches long and there is no LED on/off light indicator on the base unit. They claim 100′ range but that probably would need line of sight. This unit does have -22 degree low temp operating range, we’ll see this winter! I Highly recommend this unit!