Daily Archive: September 11, 2013

Durable, High Quality And Great Value

They’re obviously rugged and well-constructed and have proven themselves in my home for over a year of daily use. The one downside is that there are only two frequencies sold and it’s a ‘Forrest Gump’ proposition (“you never know what you’re gonna get”). Otherwise, I would highly recommend it.

Figured I may find a couple of uses for them. However, they are all on the same frequency. No way to change.

So, if you have two applications within 100-150′ of each other, one will turn the other on and vice-versa.

No big deal as now I have one unit driving my alarm with two transmitters.

Another quirk I want to share with you is that the receiver (big box), must be mounted vertically on a wall with the mains jack (what you’ll plug your device into) pointed down! So, I guess that means you cannot leave it laying on the floor (?).

My only guess for this requirement is that there is a mercury-whetted relay inside that needs the mercury at a certain point. Cannot hazard a guess of what may happen if mounted other than their requirements (?)

This would be a good thing for the mfg. to touch upon in their blog above.
Otherwise, good unit and a good value.

I have tried another product without success. This device was the solution. The remote is very small so easy to use and leave on the bedside table. It has a wide range. Highly recommend.

The usual distance between the unit and the remote control is 40-50 feet. I installed the base unit in a large PVC junction box so the rain would not directly hit it. The remote works most of the time. At first, the remote worked only after multiple tries. I then replaced the battery in the remote thinking that the original battery could be weak. The performance is much better with a fresh battery. This is a slick trick – and after 2 months of daily use, it is working well.

I have used several wireless switches over the years and this is the best one. Don’t pay more as this is a quality well built device. Cheaper models I’ve tried would randomly turn on and off or quit working entirely. If you need to control more than one item please note there is a channel A and channel B model, get one of each for independent control. To avoid water infiltration the item must be hung vertically as depicted in the instructions and as noted by other reviewers.

It has a pretty good range and I have not had any issues with it.

The build it very sturdy. It is in a hard plastic housing. The remote is also solid. I keep the remote on my key chain and have the receiver on a power strip so I can power on multiple devices.

This might seem silly but, it was a little akward to reach this switch for both lamps when entering the room. Now both are contolled by the one remote button on the table. Little things can make life just a touch easier!