Worked Great! Great For Old Ladies!

The electrical plugs on this unit are very sturdy like you would find on a surge protector or power strip… it won’t break or pull out of the socket easily. It takes up some space but I see no issues with it being too much space… maybe an eyesore if you have it hanging out of the wall in the middle of a room. The remote is a good size (not too small or large). It has a hole to put on a key ring or lanyard. It is pretty good in terms of use. Within the same room it turns the lamp on and off every button push. From the opposite end of the house through 2 interior walls it works almost every time. I have not tried it outside. Overall this is an awesome product that I would purchase again.

I have used it both outside and inside. Works every time and is very useful. I use it to control my outside low voltage lights and bring it inside to control Christmas lights each December. Easy to use and has worked flawlessly for me for over two years now.

They are used several times a day with no problems. I read one description that said they are outdoor/indoor also. The distance in my office is less than 20 feet, but they work flawlessly. If you use two separate remotes in the same area, Skylink recommends using the two channels so there is no overlapping. I have the Channel A & channel B for separate control over the two lamp sets. One remote even works two lamps. I highly recommend them.

so far, i’ve had to purchase various bands and types of the wireless combinations as i have something set up (wireless outlet) in most of my room throughout the house and i did not want to run into same frequency conflicts. so far, everything works well independently!

We didn’t want it on timer because sometimes my kids liked to blow it up during the day for fun. So this remote control served its purpose and was clicked on and off about 150x over the Christmas season. The range is good. We stood inside and was not actually facing the outlet and it still got the signal and worked with little effort. Highly recommended!

I use a wireless mouse and keyboard, so I am nowhere near my set-up. I also have four external hard drives, which I wanted to be able to power up and down from where I normally sit (which is nowhere near the tower). So blessed be this awesome wireless remote outlet. I can turn my hard drives on and off when needed, and I don’t have to have them running needlessly in the background.

After a few weeks it still works great, and having a option of a or b circuit means down the road i can expand. if you look around i am sure you can find a use for this, buy it and you will find a million uses.

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