Daily Archive: January 6, 2014

I Reccomend to Keep One In Your Vehicle for Coming and Going So Your Able to Control the Lighiting

They work great! I previously purchased a remote control outlet from Lowes for the same price and it came with only one switch. This is a better deal.

I spent over $200 on other brands that didn`t work. It works at a great distance. It uses a 9v and that`s the reason I only gave it four stars and it it`s so large it covers both outlets. It should only use two AA batteries. 9vs are expensive. The prongs are strong that hold in the batteries. Mine came with 2 remotes that work independently. The dude that dropped his is blaming the company for his error. The other review complained about the metal clips. The clips are strong and do the job. I bought a multi plug outlet and snapped it in and then plugged the remote in sideways. That left room for another outlet. It works through walls also. This is a quality product and I don`t believe the negative reviews. There`s enough positive reviews to back it up. Keeping the product and getting a refund is a multi billion dollar scam. I dropped mine on a tile floor and it still worked. Had to pop the cover back on. update-had this for awhile and it still works good. The cover is looser on one remote than I like so just used a piece of tape. It is the best I have ever found.

This is not an issue with this set, one press of the remote and the module turns on / off my devises, good range, easy to use, better current rating, 10 amp / 1200 watts verses my other set which was 5 amp / 600 watts. Two remotes add convience, if I forget to turn off a light, she can turn it off with her own remote.

I am using this in a home automation project so I needed an on command AND an off command. The buttons on this remote are made to look like they are on and off, but they are only one button. This means it only sends one signal. The outlet just switches state when it receives a signal.

I suffer from hot flashes, so I have a few of these throughout the house with fans plugged in. Instant on and instant off when the flash is over. Amazing!! You can actually put things in hard to get to places and use these remote outlets to turn them on and off! WONDERFUL! Friends and family have purchased after visiting and seeing them!

I bought their 3 pack system, as well as this 5 pack system, no comparison! The three pack, never ever worked unless the remote was within 3 feet of the wall socket, so I gave up on it (I only bought it because the 3 pack had smaller receivers that wouldn’t block the second wall outlet socket connection), and installed the 5 pack system, worke like a charm from day 1 and still works the same after much usage. If you want a more usable remote control light system, then buy the 5 pack, if you want to struggle with your installation, buy the 3 pack. That would be my advice to anyone thinking about using the Elekcity remote control system!