Daily Archive: January 18, 2014

So Simple, Yet Such a Quality of Life Improvement!

I used it to light up different Christmas lights on my 11,000sqft yard and it reach all the switches with no problem but I cover them with electric water proof tape for rain just in case. Good product over all does the job.

Amazingly convenient, especially for Christmas lights and such, but also for turning on and off lamps and other things. Works VERY well through walls and floors. Turns on and off a Christmas tree that’s in one corner of the house from the opposite corner on the second floor.

worked fine and my wife enjoyed turning on lights in a palm tree, from inside the house. this 1st unit was fairly small and had a second plug built in. after getting some LED lights for christmas, i decided we needed more controllers, so i ordered the 5 pack. they work great even thru multiple concrete walls. my wife sits in the living room and turns on 5 lights inside and outside. don’t even have to air it. i gave it 4 stars because of 3 things. these things are huge. i mean huge. in a normal 2 plug socket they take up the room of both plugs, plus they don’y have the 2nd outlet built in. why the need to be so large is beyond me. it looks like there is a lot of empty space inside and they could of been less than 1/2 the size. lastly they take a really odd size battery. the battery is included but replacement might be tough except at a speciality store. never have seen that size before. looks like a AAA cut in half. don’t understand that either.

but overall they work great. the remote is kind of funky. it has 5 switches each with an off and on, however if you push the on to turn on and push it again it goes off. same for the off side of switch. it also turns on and off. you’ll get used to it. i did use a felt tip pen and mark initials of each appliance that was connected. i would reccomend, but make sure you understand how big these are!!!

My DD was visiting for the holidays and showed me how she could turn his tree and all the decorations on and off with the remote. I was sold. Got my set in the mail today and it works perfectly! Now, yes, they ARE big units and you cant use them in the same outlet as some large plugs or power supplies. And I found out that when I plugged my fully used power strip into one, it shut off (that was just an experiment, though….I have my fish tank hooked up to that strip and I don’t want to shut it off). But for a single appliance/light it is terrific And it does work with an extension cord plugged into it. I am very satisfied.