Daily Archive: January 3, 2014

Very Handy to Use with Power Switches That Are Inconveniently Placed

I tried a G/E model of wireless light switch that I found at Target prior to getting this. That one would turn on/off at random from what I can only assume was radio frequencies either coming from other apartments or from garage door openers near me. The “rotating security code” claim was nothing but a lie.

However, I have had ZERO issues with the model. It works every time I press the button, never turns on/off from outside interference, and has performed flawlessly. I only knock it down one star due to there being a different image on the product page than what I bought. For reference, mine looks like the one that has a squarish shaped outlet with 2 buttons on it and a boxy remote control with only one button. If they were more coherent in their product info I would absolutely give it 5 stars.

Super easy to use. The remote signal works through walls and at angels. I love it and am relly glad i bought this. The switch is hard to reach, so it seemed perfect. It works well, but occasionally loses connectivity to the power under the sink and has to be switched on and off. The remote control is sturdy and not cheap or flimsy. It’s worth every penny and I would buy it again and again.

I wish the unit had a plug in the side instead of the front; if you have this behind furniture with a standard plug, the piece sticks pretty far out from the wall. The depth of the head is 1.5″, so a low profile extension cord solves that issue. Overall we’re very satisfied!

Usually, my techie gadgets get an eye roll from my spouse, but this one has gotten me a two thumbs up! She loves to be able to turn all of the accents off at night without going to each one and switching them.

You know how you wake up at night and just need a cool blast of air? Well, in the old days (last week), you had to sit up, fumble for the fan knob (they keep moving it!), turn it on, lie back down, get cool, get cold, get freezing, sit up, fumble, turn it off, lie back down, rinse, repeat, right? With this, you put the little remote (about the size of a pack of gum) under the pillow or on the nightstand and a light touch brings blessed coolth. Another tap makes it go away again. It also works for whatever other electric-y things that can be plugged in. I had a plan to surreptitiously put this on my neighbor’s living room lamp (very close proximity) and randomly turn the lights on and off. But no, wiser heads prevailed.