Daily Archive: January 25, 2014

Killawatt was a Waste of Money

“Perfect! We have so many things that draw power even when not being used!” and grabbed it. Yet I can’t find a practical use for it. All of my expensive electronics are plugged into surge protectors or UPSes (Uninterruptible Power Sources), and those are the things that draw the most power when they’re not turned on. Because you have to turn this power switch on and off yourself, it’s not useful if you can’t easily reach the outlet. And if you can easily reach the outlet, you can simply unplug whatever’s plugged in, like your toaster or a heating pad. I can easily see potential annoyance developing if you go to turn on an appliance that’s plugged into this, only to realize after your toast isn’t toasting that you forgot to flip the switch on this gadget. So really, it has very limited usage and is now going to be just another item in the junk drawer! I’d happily pay twice the amount for one that had a wireless remote control on/off switch…now THAT would be useful!!

For any plug not at eye level this is not the best choice. It looks like it glows in the dark but it does not. The switch lights up when its on which is just wasteful. Captain Planet would not be happy. I feel like it costs more because of greenwashing and I’m sure you could probably find a cheaper switch at a hardware store that does not light up when you use it. I brought a wireless remote control plug set made for Christmas lights by GE that was $5 instead of the $30 conserve remote power strip. It came with three remote plugs and they can be used outside. Its good to be green but do not let companies ripe you off.

Because it isn’t really the product or the manufacturers fault that the product didn’t do what I expected it to do. If anyone is to blame it could be the copy description on the website. I would recommend if you are thinking of purchasing this item that you go to the actual product’s website and read the features and benefits on that website.

I have been using it a little more and I changed my mind. I am using it to test the wattage on my computer and it does a great job. It tells you the real amount of watts it uses, how much does it cost you yearly to use it, and its carbon footprint. hopefully they’ll come up with a bluetooth version that connects to your pc or smartphone

I got a few of these and a few of the smart sockets (Conserve Socket F7C009q Energy-Saving Outlet) with built in 1/2 hr, 3hr, and 6hr timer. The advantage this has over that is the on off switch. I prefer the smart socket with timer. In the end I guess that is what I was looking for but I’m putting this socket to good use as a way to conserve energy when an appliance is not in use. But on that subject I think I would just as well get a power strip with on off button.