Daily Archive: January 14, 2014

Best Remote Outlets in This Price Range

The barn is metal and over 50 feet away from the house, yet these work just fine from the comfort of the kitchen. There are 5 packs of extension cables on Amazon, so you can plug two switches into your normal outlet. There are so many options when using power bars and extension cords with these inside & outside the house. Great for Christmas lights and yard displays if you keep them out of the snow & rain.

It’s a simple setup. Push the button on the remote for the switch you want to turn on. Same to turn it off. Simple toggle circuit. The remote uses the common 12Volt 23A battery used in almost all RF remote devices now days, such as cordless door bells. It’s not IR like your TV remote.

The plugs and the remote are numbered so you can easily identify which button operates each fixture.. Also come with the battery that the remote uses. I set all 5 plugs to this wireless system in 5 min and was ready to go.. I think I will get another set for other areas.

I have used it for a long time and have had no problems with the device. However, I received the device with only one remote and not two remotes as shown in the image in the product page. This product is especially great for nights when one doesn’t want to get up to switch off an electrical appliance. The remote does not consume much battery which is surely a plus point in the long run. However, one needs to ensure that the remote is in line with the outlet to actually work but that is not much of a problem(However, this is the reason I rates this product 4). Thanks to this products life and my lazy attitude, I will surely be heading back to this seller and purchasing it again!

I wish I had thought it out a bit better… and gotten two 3 plug remotes instead of the one 5 all in all I am very glad I got these…. work very well

The pieces are well protected. At times I feel that the remote control just doesn’t work through certain materials and I have to move the remotes in a open area so they work

I was worried because some lights were upstairs and didn’t know if the remote will reach from downstairs but I guess the signal goes through anything including walls, etc… Now we can turn all the lights with few clicks instead of going up and down stairs and all over the place !

We have a beautiful foyer with three banister railings coming down to it. Every year I wrap each of the banisters in holly and lights but I am never able to come down stairs to all of them lit at one time. I normally have to run from area to area turning on all the lights.

Now with this I sit in my bedroom and click on all 5 lights before I leave my room. I come downstairs to the bannister completely lit, the tree in the living room on and even my lights in my kitchen window on. LOVE IT!! HIGHLY recommend it.