Daily Archive: January 19, 2014

Loved These for Controlling Christmas Lights!

I had the tree, mantel swags and stairway garlands all hooked up it. For years I have used outlet timers but they can be hard to sync and can be noisy. This also gives you the power to turn them on or off whenever not just at specific set times. The only downside is the bulkiness of the plug in unit. But they are well worth it!

Remote does not have to be line of sight to work!!!!! Able to control recepticle in garage from anywhere in the house. Well worth the investment.

I hate fluorescent lighting and so I only use lamps. I have the remote on the back of my door. I don’t have to turn on all 5 lamps individually every morning. And when I step out of the office for lunch, I can easily flip them off to save energy. They work awesome. Every time. I would buy more sets for every room of my house if I didn’t have light switches. And even then… Christmas lights will never be the same.

Highly Recommended!! Bought the cheaper 3 unit set and #2 would not shut off. It would turn it on, but that defeats the purpose of “Wireless Remote”. My point is, spend a few more dollars for a much better Quality Product as these Are!!

We have all 5 of our bedrooms set up this way with their own set of remote controlled socket sets. Having the ability to choose just how much light you want is also fantastic.

I use the two remotes to switch on my dust vacuum when I am using my table saw and router. It’s durable and it works. One suggestion is that the vendor include a third remote for a slightly increased cost.

I almost feel guilty about being lazy and just pressing the button to turn it on/off from the delicious comfort of being under the covers…. almost.

Product works fantastically, had it for about 8 weeks, and no issue so far. It is a bit bulkier than other similar products I’ve had before, but that’s not really a dealbreaker. Battery’s included, which is always a good thing.

I use them to turn on my shop dust collection system. It sure is easier than rewiring a remote switch system. And they can be moved to accommodate various work stations. The plug base requires NO Battery. That confused ma at first. Highly recommended. Will buy more

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I bought 2 remotes and one outlet. The outlet is in a closet outside the house, and I use one remote control from the 1st floor and the other from the 2nd floor. No issue. It works perfectly all the time.