Daily Archive: January 7, 2014

Effortless & Dependable

I’ve had trouble with other brands before but these are pre-programmed and work every time. Everything is labeled. Outlet plugs are a bit bulky but works great for all my light up Christmas decorations.

They simply work. I’m sure that maybe a few out there don’t, because some bad reviewers have noted some lemons. But, also look at the high reviews… they all worked for me, and I bought about $200 worth for different houses/ rooms. I added fluorescent under-cabinet lights all over my house… 4 underneath my bed, 3 behind each television, etc. These remote outlet switches allow me to have accent lighting galore.

it saves me so many steps, I can’t believe it. I bought it pretty much on a lark. But am I glad. I can control so many things from one spot. Lights in other rooms on at dusk, off at bedtime. Various Entertainment components easily controlled without moving to each of them. Considering more of these for my office.

I gave it only 4 stars because Wireless Controlled Electrical Switch Socket Outlet are huge! its as big as your regular outlet plate. I thought they were smaller than the others but I was mistaken. I consedered returning it but it works very well and a little inconvenience because its huge doesn’t matter to me. Lucky that we have a lot of outlet in our home that I didnt need any extension wire. The shipping was fast by the way.

I use them for my living room / home theatre system. I turn on and off the lights and sound system and these are just amazing for the price. Going with the two remotes is definitely nice because there is one at each end of the living room, plus, if one ever fails, I have a spare. So far, these have been a delight! My audio rack is in a different part of the house and in the past, remote controlling has been an issue because of distance but that’s history now. I highly recommend these. I don’t understand why some people complain the size in their reviews; there is a good picture that shows the product’s size. They are just built to last!

Adapter plugged into my power strip and plugged the lamp into the adapter the remotes work like a charm and I’m not left in the dark anymore when I’m alone. As a side note this can be used for anything that can plug into it there are some creative things you can rig with these. The only issue I have is that I wish the remote used AA batteries.