Daily Archive: January 10, 2014

Too Big?… NO PROBLEM… They Work WELL

The remote comes with a battery, the buttons are reliable (meaning, they work the first time) and the range on the thing is good. I’m using this to turn on and off lamps throughout my home without having to walk to each one and turn the switch.

I USE THEM FOR ACCENT LIGHTHING in every room in my home. The Units come in different frequencies codes. I bought some where they were on the same 4-digit code, but it swapped them out for ones w/ different codes to not interfere with other units in my home.

I have CHAMBERLAIN REMOTE OUTLETS (2nd best, but at around $30 for a single outlet unit), LOWES Remote outlets, WOODS Remote Outlets, STANLEY Remote Outlets, AND ALL THE OTHERS (they are in a trash drawer in my garage, totaling more than $200)… THESE Are the only ones I use, because they WORK the SMOOTHEST (a real treat in my quest). YES, They are slightly Big.. BUT IF YOU WANT REMOTE ACCESS To An Outlet FOR CONVENIENCE, You can simply USE $2 ‘OUTLET ADAPTERS’ to expand what limited outlet space you have, so that the size of these is not a Problem. For example, one can buy ’3-OUTLET Extender ADAPTERS’ IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES here on AMAZON, WALLY WORLD, HOME DEPOT, ECT.

Saw this – decided to try it. Rather than having one remote for each outlet, this has one remote for ALL outlets. Worked like a charm – so much so, that my sister-in-law saw it and had to have her own, so I ordered her one as well. Very handy to simply ‘click’ the remote and turn on/off any of the lights we have set up. Highly recommend for those difficult to reach items (like the Christmas tree!)

I’ve had them for months now and they are extremely reliable and and sturdy, the remote control signal has also been reliable and strong. The only drawback is their size. They are extremely large and bulky units and given the way the plug portion is designed they have to be plugged into the upper openings of outlets and sometimes will still block the lower opening for all but the smallest plugs of other devices. I would still buy again, as previous wireless units I’ve brought would not last very long and have some kind of malfunction. These have been bulletproof so far…

The remote is pretty big … and empty. I’m pretty sure they could have made it a little smaller.

It also uses an atypical battery so I can’t use my rechargeables and have to make sure I keep a spare on hand.

The wall units are also very BIG. They don’t fit well into power strips because they block most of the other outlets.

Since these are so big it is even worse that the plug is in the front of the unit making it stick out even further than if it were on the side like some other adapters.

If the price weren’t right I’d give these 2 stars since I had to buy some other stuff to make them fit (adapters and such). On the bright side they are not at all visible now!!

BTW, when you turn one of these on or off you can gear a fairly loud clicking sound especially in the open in a big room …