Daily Archive: January 8, 2014

Gives One Great Convenience for Lighting Fixtures Around the House

Every time I press the button it turns whatever I have plugged in on.The outlet part is bigger than I expected.If you are planning on putting it behind furniture than it needs to be far from the wall.

This is the best package deal: 5 outlets and 2 remotes. Most packages have only 3 outlets and 1 remote. What if you lose one (or both) of the remotes? All is not lost since each outlet has an override button. Separate on and off buttons on the remote for each outlet. Other remote models have only one button for on and off, so you have to watch your device to see if it turned on or off, which is not as convenient. Good range: The remote works in our 2-story house with 4,000 square feet (box says 100 feet range). LED indicator light on each socket to indicate power is flowing.

Overall, I’d recommend this particular remote-controlled outlets combo, especially for the holidays. I have several sets of lights around our house. Most of them are LED, so I don’t have to turn them on and off, but it’s nice to have options. After the holidays, I might hook them up to the floor lamps inside our living room.

This one has the range the quality and everything else you would want. Only thing that could use some improvement is how bulky the plug in is… other than that love it!!!! I’ll just add my own comments on the pros and cons and value offered. First, I think this is a great value and a good deal for all that is offered. The product performs well, and works as described here. Overall, I am satisfied and think these are very good and a solid four stars, but see the pros and cons below.

Works as presented!! Came in a timely fashion. Only one draw back. It only allows. one plug in device in into a outlet. Would be nice if they redesign it so you could use another item into the same outlet.

And mine worked easily right out of the box. Mentioned in another review, do not under estimate the size of the plug. It dominates a duplex receptacle turning that outlet into a one trick pony. It is even difficult to find a multi outlet splitter that will accommodate the remote plug and a second standard transformer. I found a six plug tap at Wally World and it barely worked for this remote plug in and another transformer. That said, I bought this for a specific task, but having four more I’m on the prowl for more uses around the house.