Daily Archive: January 23, 2014

Adds Convenience to My Life!

We tested it on Friday and it worked from about 20-25 feet away in the room. Perfect applcation for this device.

Works great. The only thing strange about the device is the design didn’t allow my 3 prong plug to fully seat in receptacle. The molded rubber end of unit didn’t allow enough room. Easily solved with an exacto knife cutting away a 1/4″ or so of material that did not effect integrity of unit.

It’s great. Very well made & not flimsy like the others and a really good feature is that the plug is on a short cable so you don’t have a hassle trying to plug it into a strip or outlet. I really wish I could get a few more of the key chain transmitters…that’s what I’m looking for.

So glad I found this because although the others I had (Handy Switch) worked pretty good for a while, I had to throw them away because of the recall/fire hazard thing. Now if only I can find extra transmitters…..

UPDATE……..The remote went through a hot water wash (accidentally left it in my pocket) Let it dry out over night, put in a new battery..AND IT STILL WORKS!!!

In order to keep energy costs down I generally only keep on a light that I need at that time, often for reading. The rest of the house is dark at night. I’ve got a couple of places where the lamp is behind a large chair, making them difficult to turn on and off, and of course they are on the far side of the rooms. If I want to see where I’m walking ‘d have to cross the room to turn on a light elsewhere before coming back to turn one of these off and either climb on or move around the chair to get to the switch.

I received a similar product for Christmas and was instantly in love. That one plugged directly into the outlet. This one has a short cord that plugs into the outlet which allows you to mount the device on a wall close to the outlet. Mine is actually plugged into a multi-outlet strip which works out fine. I’ve got the remote dangling from a light switch which has to be on all the time for something else. No more navigating across a dark room.

My only complaint is how difficult it was to open and close the battery cover due to the position of the ring that attaches the keychain to the remote.

I have used one of these switches for my family room light for several years, and it has worked wonderfully. I decided to buy two more for my bedroom and my son’s bedroom. One room is upstairs and one is downstairs. The good news is, the remotes have a long range. The bad news, both remotes are on the same frequency. What a surprise in the middle of the night when my bedroom light came on because my son had turned his light on! We swapped the family room remote switch with my son’s and everything is fine. Alas, I wanted another outlet switch for another room, but can’t seem to find ones with multiple frequency options.

We kept the remote near the tree and it worked as advertised. I will note you can’t get very far from the source or the remote tends to not work. I will say our plug is located behind our large screen television, so we don’t have line-of-site (that may make a difference in the distance it works from).