Daily Archive: January 17, 2014

Works GREAT!!! Time & Energy Saver!!!

I was able to go 40 feet away and close the door. I was still able to remotely turn the switches on and off repeatedly. I would recommend these remote switches highly.

I already own a 3 outlet setup from another company and the remote on this was better. I like the switch that most people complain about. Click for on and click for off without having to look for a specific on/off button.

What sets this apart is the use of a radio frequency instead of infrared. This makes it able to receive signals from a distance and through walls and windows. I’m able to turn on a porch light from 30 feet away and through a window without line of sight. Excellent!


1. The 12v battery should last a long time. I have a similar remote with the same battery and that’s been going for 5 years with daily use. Harder to find but you won’t need to replace often.

2. Because it uses a radio signal, it can work from a long distance and without line of sight. Believe the manufacturer claims.

3. Receiving 5 outlets for $27 calculates to $5.40/outlet. That’s a great deal compared to other offerings.

4. Switch on outlet in case finding the remote is less convenient than just turning it off at the outlet.


1. It is true that remote outlet boxes are big and interfere with the second outlet when plugged in. These large outlet boxes will allow a two prong to plug in below it, but a larger 3 prong would be difficult. You will have to buy a “power strip liberator” if you want to avoid this issue. They are basically 1′ extension cords that will take the box away from the outlet and allow for another plug. Another option is to buy a 3-2 prong adapter and use it on the wireless box. This will move the box far enough from the outlet face plate to allow that 3-prong to plug in below it.

2. Wish it was 1500 watt rated instead of 1200 watt. 1500 watts means you can plug in the heater, but with this, you need to watch out.

I wish they would just wire houses for this in the first place. Great for those floor lamps with out of the way switches and many other things. This is an excellent gift for elderly people at Christmas. They might look at like you gave them socks or a “clapper”, but once you demonstrate it, they will love it. My mom turns on her fountain lights in the garden from the kitchen (outdoor safe version).