Daily Archive: January 1, 2014

Works Great! Simple and Easy!

Plug it in and it works. Works through several walls and from a distance of 50 ft. They work flawlessly. I was concerned that having two devices in close proximity would interfere with each other, but they don’t. Highly recommended!

It works so well I bought another one for a bedroom lamp, so much easier to reach over and press the button than looking for the turn switch. I would recommend this for anyone with a difficult switch, or perhaps one in a hard to find spot, also it anyone has any issues with their hands such as arthritis.

I wanted to be able to turn it off from the office when I returned. It works like a charm. For some strange reason I turn off the lamp and then pull it out of the light socket at night. It’s next to my bedroom door. You do not have to disconnect it because I have used it both ways and it works great!!!

Note that you have to slide off the cover of the remote to access the battery. Then you have to take the plastic off the battery and replace it in the unit. Then it works!

Today it dropped from my hand, a whopping 3 ft to the top of my socked foot, and no longer works at all. I haven’t yet attempted to contact the company for a replacement, but if they don’t remedy the issue swiftly, this will be the last I deal with them.

Have been using it for a couple of months now. Even bought another for another application. I haven’t had the issue of interference with other signals, but I use this in a house where other sources are probably not near. Instantly turns on. I have it hooked up to a power strip running my Xbox, Apple TV, BluRay, and TV so when I’m finished watching I can simply push the button on the remote and all of my devices lose power. This saves on standby power by preventing the devices from drawing electricity that isn’t really necessary. Of course you want to make sure that all of your devices are already turned off before cutting the power to them! I measured the electrical draw and my setup was using 13 watts of electricity at standby and this device uses only 1 watt. Pretty awesome!

Comes with battery in the pack. The only issue (though not a big one) is that the plug is a bit big in size. So if you plug it in, you cannot use the adjacent wall sockets. But not a big deal though.

I use it to control my hot water circulation pump, on in the morning, off mid morning then on again in the early evening and off after dinner. All without leaving my living room! Works great!