Daily Archive: January 5, 2014

Better Than Previous Remotes

Usually, my techie gadgets get an eye roll from my spouse, but this one has gotten me a two thumbs up! She loves to be able to turn all of the accents off at night without going to each one and switching them.

Good for use with only one appliance but if you want to use it to work additional appliances you should order the 3 or 5 pack ones. Works as described. Attached the remote to the wall over the light switch. Works great and everyone says they like the ambience in my office.

I don’t understand the logic to have 1 unit switched by a button on top of the other and the other 2 side by side (see remote). This is fixed with the 5 units version.

Knocked off one star for the on/off lettering starting to come off within 3 weeks and despite the new “smaller” shape only the smallest of plugs will fit in the socket below, because the round bottom shape partially blocks the outlet below. Someone was more interested in appearance than function. Would buy again but suggest the issue a re rectified.

Only issue I have with it is the size of each outlet switch. It blocks off half the type of adapters you can use for the other outlet. It works even if you control the units from the other room!

Only issue I found is the size, they still make this prodcuts very bulky! I dont care but I could be a 5stars if the size was more on the small size.

I use them for all of my christmas lights, garlands, etc around the house that are plugged in. Works great, no complaints. Responsive. Exactly what I was looking for. (suggest getting as many plugs as possible, you’ll end up using more than you think!)

However, it is simple and works well. You have the wall-piece that plugs in. It has a light on it indicating that it has power and a button to turn it on and off manually right on the socket. The remote also turns the socket on and off (which is the whole purpose behind it). There is an on/off light on the socket that indicates its status. There is an audible “click” when it is turned on or off. The battery included is a nice touch as many items these days don’t include batteries making it a pain for the first-time setup. As a basic, functional item with a decent price it is pretty good.

We moved into a house that was built with no overhead lighting. We’re out in the woods, so when it gets dark – it’s really dark! These have been a godsend to us. I have a few of these and I also have the other style that has 3 separate plug units with one remote. Perfect for my living room (3 lamps). the remote sits on a small end table just inside the room. We used to trip and fall trying to get to lights, etc. not anymore!

We also use this for Indoor holiday lighting. I have my tree & foyer displays set up on one remote. perfect.

Bonus: For people who wake up during the night (hot flashes, night sweats, etc.), try putting a fan in your room and use one of these… if you wake up, push the button and blast air on you for a minute or two, then push the off switch – without ever getting out of bed! You can go right back to sleep! Wonderful product!