Daily Archive: January 15, 2014

Works Well for Remote Operation of a Shop Vac Dust Collector

We can turn on 10 separate Christmas window candles in just a few seconds and without the inconvenience of visiting each location to plug or un-plug each one.

Remotes work good, through walls and at a good distance. Very convenient. It does not cover both plugs but some plugs will be too big to work with this plugged into the outlet.

When I’m using the various tools, I always attach a vacuum hose to control the dust and shavings, if the tool is set up for it. The problem is that the shop vac and the tools are often some distance apart and it’s tempting not to bother with the vac if I’m only making a few cuts or sanding a small area. There are devices such as the iVac Automated Vacuum Switch that will control a shop vac automatically when a tool is activated. The downside of this solution is that it’s expensive and only works for 110v tools. I have a mix of 110v and 220v machinery, so this won’t work for me.

So far it is working just as I expected. Either of the 2 remotes will reliably start and stop the shop vac from anywhere in the shop. I’m happy that 2 remotes come with this because I can leave one at each end of the shop and I’m never far from one.

This thing is big. I have it plugged into a Tripp Lite PS2408 Power Strip 120V 5-15R 8 Outlet 15ft Cord Vertical Metal, and unfortunately there is no way to avoid having it cover 2 of the outlets. Fortunately, that still leaves me 6 more, which is enough. I dinged it one star due to the size.

This was a pain when getting into bed or coming up the stairs. These remote switches allow light control as you walk into a room or start up the stairs. When you get in bed, you simply click off all the lights.

That’s what I like, what I don’t like is how huge the plugs can cover the whole outlet if you can’t fit it in the top outlet because of the 6 inch height. Also, a great feature would be to have a swivel plug on the backs to help better fit into small spaces by tilting.

Convenient. Simple. Senior citizens can use this product to turn lamps and appliances on and off without leaving their chair (or bed). Buy it for each senior you know. Also wonderful for Christmas lights.

I work in an electronics lab and share a fume extractor with another. This unit allows us to switch the unit, which is located behind our test stand, on and off remotely and give us each the ability to do so. The remotes of this particular model use 9v batteries so no problem finding replacements. Works great so far.