Daily Archive: November 30, 2013

Super Convenient and Works Great!

I was completely amazed that the description was spot on! The sensor will go through walls, floors, and ceilings! The remote is well built, and when you press the button, it does what its told and never misses a beat. Love it! Will be buying more outlets in the future to add to my army of outlets!

I ordered the 3 pack self learning remotes last week, planning to combine them with a 5 pack to use as a client notification system in my office suite (I’m a psychotherapist and it’s helpful to know when clients arrive:-)). Unfortunately, the system Amazon sent did not include the self learning button (not an issue except that I needed to combine outlets with other remotes). Amazon offered to send another one, but I wasn’t sure that it would be any different than the first so I contacted it directly. They responded very quickly, and within days I had a new set which was exactly what I needed. This system will work perfectly for us (it works in our offices through at least 2 heavy sound-proofed walls) and is so much more affordable than the other systems I was looking at. I’m now thinking of all sorts of uses for these gadgets in my home and may need to order some more……

I am currently using it in my son’s nursery to control a dresser lamp and a standing lamp. I used velcro straps to velcro the remote to the entrance way wall and it looks and works perfectly. These easily work through walls and across the house. They are a little bulky but a small downside.

I returned one box and like some others in the reviews thought I had a defective set with an incorrect remote. So I ordered another box hoping the odds were better now and returned the old one – only to see it was exactly the same.

One remote (marked 01) worked while the other (marked 04) didn’t. I set it to the reprogram mode (put it in the socket witch on and keep the yellow button pressed till the light blinks) and used the non-working remote to switch it on. Again – use the non-working remote and not the working one here. Now both the remotes work. I repeated this step for the remaining 4 and they work great. 5 stars if the instructions mentioned this at least even if it didn’t work out of the box.