Daily Archive: November 27, 2013

Works as Described, What’s Not to Like

I bought two sets because I knew I would need more than two remotes. I didn’t think I’d need 10 outlets. The hot water recirculation pump has a built-in timer, but the timer means it’s often running when we don’t need hot water and not running when we do need it. A remote motion-detector switch wouldn’t have been ideal because often we are in the bathrooms but don’t need hot water. Problem solved with the remote switches.

I’m now using the extra switches to control pretty much everything else in the house that doesn’t need to be on all the time (primarily AV equipment). So far I’ve found uses for 9 of the 10 outlets. With one remote next to the garage door opener it’s easy to make sure everything is switched off when we leave and then to turn on things we want on when we come home. With additional remotes next to our bed and in the bathrooms it’s pretty convenient. I’m not sure we’ll ever save enough electricity and gas (water heater) to justify the expense (plus replacement batteries for the remotes), but I feel better knowing that all those energy wasters are shut off when we don’t need them on.

So far I’m impressed. The range seems excellent and the on/off function seems rock solid. I was a little skeptical that they would work that well, but they’ve exceeded my expectations. Probably the best functioning remote devices I’ve ever had. I’ve only had them a week, but they seem very well built.

I’m giving them 4 stars only because they don’t sell the remotes by themselves. Otherwise I’d give them 5 stars. On the company’s own web site they list the remotes by themselves for a ridiculously high price that makes no sense. Based on the pricing of the packs the individual remotes should sell for less than $10 each. At that price I would probably buy a couple more remotes just to have them in more convenient places in the house.

Program the outlet and the remote control is very easy the only thing that is two remote working as one. You can’t not assign two outlet in two different room with same number in two different remote because when you press any remote the two outlet will turn off/on the same time. Right now just have to wait and see how long it last

The range for the remotes is outstanding and flawless to this point. I would definitely recommend this product to any household for making the process of turning lights on and off a simple and effortless push of a button.