Daily Archive: November 22, 2013

Easy to Use & Affordable

I wanted to place one remote in the dark and scary hallway for my kids to press on the way to their bedroom, and the the other remote right next to their bed so they can turn off the lights from the safety of their bed. They would especially like button #4 which turns all 3 light on all at once.

The rep informed me that this was not possible because the two remotes used different frequencies, and you couldn’t have socket associated with more then 3 frequencies (buttons). This is when I got pleasantly surprised. The rep offered to send me a remote that matched the frequencies of one of the remotes I already had. He explained that one remote had a number on the back, the other remote had no number. He would be sending me a duplicate remote in essence for the one without a number on the back – at no extra charge! He sent it USPS First Class. I reprogrammed the matching remote, and the one he sent me duplicated the programmed remote without any additional programming.

I was disappointed it uses strange batteries (12v A23) instead of the standard ones that the original non-learning remotes use, but I read they are smaller and provide more power for this type of application. I just ordered a five-pack of them on Amazon for under $7 and stuck them in my spare batteries drawer.

My kids are super happy campers and I am a happy parent, and now loyal customer of Etekcity. All companies should treat their customers this way.

Couldn’t be any more happy with a single product. My wife’s mother who is old, a drunk and obviously deaf and annoying has nothing better to do than to blast the TV 24 hrs a day; so this product not only allows me to shut the TV off but also all the power going to the TV so I’m the only one who can turn it on. I actually get a kick out if it because she’ll just sit there literally for hrs watching a blank screen in anticipation of the TV fixing itself. Which it does after I wake up from a good nights rest.

I gave it only 4 stars because Wireless Controlled Electrical Switch Socket Outlet are huge! its as big as your regular outlet plate. I thought they were smaller than the others but I was mistaken. I consedered returning it but it works very well and a little inconvenience because its huge doesn’t matter to me. Lucky that we have a lot of outlet in our home that I didnt need any extension wire. The shipping was fast by the way.