Daily Archive: November 28, 2013

Great Purchase So Far, But Why not Sell Extra Remotes?

i have 2 of them connected to the lamps in our bedroom. one thing i would change and i wish was different is that each unit only has 3 “memories”. i was able to program each remote to turn each light on individually, but was only able to program one remote for “both on both off” on one channel. also, the “owners manual” leaves a little to be desired.

I bought a second set and it worked great exactly as advertised also. I did not give them 5 stars because the instructions left some information out which you need to figure out by yourself.

It turns out that when you reprogram the channel you must first clear all the channels or else you will have both programmed channels working off of the remote with the same outlet.So clear it first if you want one button working one outlet.

I also discovered that the remotes (mine anyhow) are not interchangeable with the outlets, regardless of the button number,unless you program the outlet with that specific remote. So you have a lot of flexibility here. These are all good features. I just think the instructions could be more thorough. Other than this the instructions are good.

This a great product especially during the Christmas Season. I can stand at one corner of my downstairs and click on the tree, the lights on the mantle, the lights on the inside wreath in my breakfast room amd the electric candles in the windows.

I bought the 5 outlets + 2 Remotes version because I would use them in different rooms & figured I’d want 2 remotes. So far they are great for the lights I have them hooked up to. Very reliable, very consistent operation.

I put one outside to control the decorative lights on my balcony and I love that I no longer have to step into the frigid cold to activate them. They are also quite useful for controlling appliances that are otherwise normally hard to plug and unplug.

Then plug in the lamp to the remove control outlet. Finally to program the handheld remote to the remote control outlet, press the side button on the remote control outlet until the red light on it starts blinking. Then press and hold the ON button the handheld remote until the lamp turn on. Continue programming the next lamp and use the next available position on the handheld remote control.

One can program both handheld remotes to turn on/off the same lamp. So one can have as many remotes controlling the same lamp.

The handheld remote signal range is excellent and works flawlessly. Press the ON button and immediately the light turns on.