Daily Archive: November 20, 2013

Does The Trick!

I actually searched for clapper and came across this thing. I thought a clapper was tacky, but wanted a solution to turning on the bedroom light without walking across the room in the dark. And this works great!

The switch isn’t really a switch, more of a button. But I don’t mind at all. It looks like a light switch, so it gets the job done. Easily worth the price.

Solve elegantly a lot of problems like switch too far, unreachable or no switch at all. I have three of them and I gave a lot of them as gifts to elderly parents who love them and use them even to turn on and off their night lights or their fans. However, if Westek had provide us with a way to tweak the frequency at will, we wouldn’t be stuck when we mistakenly buy two same frequency wireless switches.

I used two sided tape to mount the switch. The switch and the plug are only about 10 feet apart, but it works perfectly. The light switch is really just two buttons. both the top and bottom will turn it either on or off.

I use this to activate a lamp on an end table that is too far to reach from the couch. The switch just sits on my coffee table so I can flip it on or off easily. I use it constantly and have had zero problems (knock wood).

Am here getting another one for a bedside lamp. Hoping I have no crossed frequency issues.

It works great! I used command strips to attach it to the wall because I live in an apartment. One thing I didn’t see on any instructions was that you have to take the screws off the front plate in order to activate the battery inside. I did this with my fingernail so it wasn’t difficult, I just didn’t realize I needed to do it. I would definitely order another one of these in the future!

My electrician actually recommended these devices! Plug them in, stick it on the wall and “voila”, The one we had would turn off when the refrigerator motor would kick on or the a/c, etc. It was driving us nuts. It was a larger switch too. This one works great and the box is less bulky.

I am using this in a home automation project so I needed an on command AND an off command. The buttons on this remote are made to look like they are on and off, but they are only one button. This means it only sends one signal. The outlet just switches state when it receives a signal.

if you want this get it it is the best outlet controler i have ever had.i love it. i dont just use it for turning stuff on and off i also use it for pranling people:p i also like how this has this has a switch on the device its self so you dont have to use the remote an inch away. so i think you should get it i love it and i hope you love it.