Daily Archive: November 18, 2013

I Wish I Had Known These Existed Earlier

The switch itself runs on a battery and can be attached with screws, but I used Command adhesive strips so I could remove it easily from the wall of my apartment when it was time to go. Each set of switch and receiver runs on a different frequency (I received an A and an E, but I don’t know how many different ones there are), so you can have more than one right next to each other without them interfering. The receiver can be a bit bulky if you’re trying to fit it on a power strip, but it’s not hard to work around that.

I bought two and they are fantastic! I hook them up to power strips and connect lights through out the room. Works way better than even built in lights. Long batter life too. Great product, love it.

Very responsive and consistent where as the one I purchased before that was from another company had a lag time from when I flipped the switch on and when the light came on. The only thing I dont like about this one is the fact that the switch is not a flip on, its a push up and push down one. Not convenient if you are used to always walking into a room and flipping on a switch. Otherwise great product.

It maybe looks a little on the cheap side with the fake front screws but hardly noticeable. Just FYI, it is activated by on/off rotation only, so it makes no difference which up/down direction is pushed, it only makes it do the opposite either way it’s pushed. Could just as well been made with a single in-out push button rather than a rocker. But the rocker does look more “authentic” I guess.

We have a high-tech young adult son who has set up and maintains an array of devices for us in his former bedroom, now converted to a “movie room” but also housing our wireless router, cable modem, our son’s “satellite” workstation, and God knows what else. Since most of those devices draw their power from the switched outlet, our son removed the switch and replaced it with a plain covering, so we would not accidentally cut the power by reflexively flipping the switch to turn on the room light. Minor problem: If the room was dark, you had to grope around for the lamp itself, or remember to bring a flashlight, to get the light on. This bugged my wife enough that I finally put it at the top of my priority list, and she hasn’t stopped thanking me yet.

I use it for a standing lamp on the other side of the room, I mounted the switch with the included screws and I was done in minutes. The plug is a little big, but it only uses the one plug, so it leaves the other plug unobstructed so you can use it