Daily Archive: November 1, 2013

Should Have Had One Earlier

I’ve plugged my laptop, monitor, printer, and other things into the remote control side and the wireless router, modem, and other more “permanent” things in the non-remote side. This product works great although I have two very minor gripes:

First, the cable holder is a nice touch to have at the base of the unit. However, it is not wide or deep enough to hold all the cables you may require. It’ll work for a couple but certainly not all that the unit can hold.

Second, when the breaker flips on the unit itself, the remote control no longer functions for some reason. In my case, if the breaker were to flip, I have to crawl under my desk to reset it. If the remote control had it’s own reset feature then that’d be perfect.

The cover for it is difficult to remove if you need to replace the battery. You may end up accidentally flipping the switch off in the process.

Having the conserve switch is great. I can leave my laptop docked and or charging, but turn off my monitors, speakers and keyboard with the press of a button. This allows me to put my laptop into sleep mode without worrying about the battery slowly draining away, but also not supporting peripheral power to components I’m not using.

Now when I leave the office I hit the switch I stuck to the door jam, whenever I know I’m done for the night, weekend etc. When I come in I hit the switch and all the stuff is back up and running in no time. One less penny to give away to those Utility companies: I’ll take it! It’ll take a while to get it’s cost back probably, but I only got it for the satisfaction of not giving it (my moola) away for zip.

This power stip and remote control switch really make things a lot easier. The switch is modern looking and comes with adhesive on the back so that you can place it on the wall, inside a cabinet, etc. We’ve used this product in three rooms so far and it has worked flawlessly for us. One of the best things is the number of receptacles on the strip itself, including some that are not switched.

Of course, one is buying a multi-outlet surge protector, so the cost is higher than for just an outlet switch, but you can count on it to do the job, even from significant distance and with sight-line obstacles. I now have three units, set to different frequencies with the little switches on the units and the remotes. If I had another need for remote power control, I’d buy a fourth.

It make easy to turn off electronics that you don’t use in the moment without having the power switch at the sigth of everyone. You can connect the things one time, hidde the switch and basically forget that is there. The remote works great (don’t forget to configure the remote and the switch in the same frecuency). Just one detail, it is a big switch, it doesn’t looks like in the photos but is big, like other power switches with more plugs, but nothing that cannot be addapted. Great Quality, if by chance you get the extra discount (some times they drop the price by 15-20%) don’t doubt to buy it.