Daily Archive: November 3, 2013

Really Cool Innovation, Saving $$$$$$

I was easily able to bring my electric bill down $50 with Belkin power strips. Personally I use this at an entertainment center so that with a flick of a switch TV/DVD/Game systems everything is off when I’m done using them though the cable box can stay on for recording. Although its bigger than I had imagined that’s only because there’s more plugs than an average power strip as well as more space between them so you can have AC Adapters plugged in as well.

I got this so I can control some of the light far far away at the other end of the room. So I dont have to get out of my bed and walk all the way to the end to trun off my lights in a freezing winter night.

Either way great product, high quality, would buy again. I use it on my fish tank to turn the pumps on and off for water changes but keep other devices on all the time.

Once I got all the plugs arranged where they were supposed to be, this turned everything off with just one click! Just great. Only thing, the remote needs to have clear ‘view’ of the main unit to have it read the ‘off/on’ signal. Not taking away any stars for this as it’s not an inconvenience at all. Just have to aim ‘high’ & directly at the receptacle. Highly recommend this product.

I purchased an AICO Michael Amini older style entertainment center for $250..I know, right???!!! It only came with the two tall tower sides, lighted bridge top, and shelf. It was purchased originally without the tv stand so I had to purchase that myself to accomodate our tv.

The older style AICO entertainment center side towers were made with wood shelves and no built in lighting so they are really dark. In addition, the doors have a tinted glass making them even darker so the pic frames etc you put inside don’t even show up.

So I went and purchased these buffet torchiere lamps, one for each side, and put one on the top shelf but I had an issue with being able to turn them on at the same time without having to reach for the thumb switches that are now hanging behind the entertainment center. I wanted to tie them in with the lighted bridge that had also had an inconventient switch that I had to struggle each time to reach (it is located on the bridge but it is 6 ft high).

I searched for switch that I could touch where all three could be connected together..and I found this here on Amazon for around $30 shipped. I was worried because it really seemed to great to be true but lo and behold it was PERFECT. All I have to do is turn on the lights by touching the switch (shown in picture) and it turns them on and off magically without a wire! YAY! All three are plugged into it and it works perfectly. Everyone who sees me turn on the lights in the ent. ctr. ask what it is and where I got it! I HIGHLY recommend!!!