Daily Archive: November 4, 2013

Great Energy Saving Surge Protector

This unit also has a remote control that I love. I have the items that I do not use all the time when I watch TV connected to the plugs that are controlled by the remote, so they are not powered up until I need them. The TV and U-verse box are plugged into the two receptacles that have power to them all the time, but all eight are protected.

In addition I have a networked file server in the same location that I didn’t want to shut down, so the power center was perfect for my needs!

Slim flat design makes it fit easily under things like cabinet or shelves. Widely spaced sockets accommodate brick style power supplies for devices like modems & routers. Clearly marked and laid out design allows easy set up and use.

I have a desktop setup in a room different from where my networking devices are housed, so I wanted to be able to shut down my internet/router if there was ever a need to (i.e. connection or system outage) without having to go to another room and then unplug each device and then reconnect them. I attached the remote switch to the desk in an out of the way location so it wouldn’t be mistakenly switched. It’s about 30 feet from the power strip and I’ve had it over 2 years, and it works perfectly. Granted I don’t switch things off an on with it constantly, just whenever it’s needed. So that maybe why I haven’t had any problems with the remote switch like others have had. I can highly recommend this for any kind of remote power switching for all kind of uses and would purchase another with out hesitation as the experience I’ve had so far has been great!

Which can be a pain if it is buried behind your desk and not easy to reach. But it works as expected and I figure it will pay for itself pretty quickly now that I am eliminating vampire power from a lot of computers and electronics.

The power strip was delivered on time in Amazon’s hassle-free packaging. The battery in the remote unit was dead so I had to replace it. The battery is commonly found in Staples, Office Depot, Radio Shack, etc. for $2-3.

The power strip itself seems to be well made. The build quality of the remote however could be better. The mechanism inside the remote provides for a cheap “click” feel. The remote does have an LED that is illuminated when it’s sending a signal to the power strip which is a nice.

Overall the remote and power strip works as advertised. I bought this item because I have a room which does not have a switch-controlled outlet. This power strip allows me to turn on and off a floor lamp when I enter/exit the room.