Daily Archive: November 6, 2013

Works As Advertised And Suits My Needs PERFECT!

It has good spacing for AC adapters. It makes really good surge protectors. The remote is wall mountable so it can be used to solve lack of wiring in a room. You can use multiple surge protectors with the same remote or use many in the same area because you can set different channels.

I wish there were more constant on outlets. It should have done 4 always on and 4 remote switched, but maybe that’s just me. The remote control is great but the button can stick sometimes and doesn’t click all the time like you would expect it to. I bought two of these and one switch is better than the other. I should probably contact it but it works so whatever.

Overall I really like these and the remote makes it really handy. It worked for me but might not work for everyone.

All the little bright lights for the audio/video products I own have such BRIGHT standby lights to let you know they are off it just does not make sense!?? So, with a flick of a switch at night those bright Led’s diminish! :) I like a dark room environment so it solved my problems and will probably buy another if and when they ever go on sale.. It has some outlets that still stay on for the equipment that you need left on for some juice still. VERY “nifty” idea…. Problem solved! And I cannot thank Amazon.com for being my number one source for almost all of my online shopping cause they are VERY easy to contact if you can understand some broken English from time to time but every time I have EVER had a problem arrive it has been promptly resolved or if it was not through their chat system they will call you back and that person has a little bit more room to bend on things I think…? Anyways, good product and a good seller!

Another very nice feature is the child safety covers over each switch, you can slide each one thats not in use so the holes are covered to prevent accidents. The strip itself is nice and flat and feels very well built. The main unit also has a built in cable management system that can route wires when things are plugged into the strip. There is a warning light on the strip that tells you if your main wall outlet that the strip itself is plugged into is grounded or not. I like how well the outlets are spaced out and are side by side to provide more room for bigger power bricks.

To use the strip you plug your devices that dont need constand power into the remote switched outlets(6 side by side total) and devices that always need to be powered on into the 2 always on outlets. Once everything is plugged into its respective outlet you use the included wireless remote to turn off the “green” switched outlets, thus saving you lots of electricity. When a pc needs to be powered up just flip the remote to on and the whole strip powers up. I think the price on amazon is excellent and its worth every penny but check around I have bought mine in store for half the asking price online.