Daily Archive: November 12, 2013

Solution to a Real Problem

This surge protector allows for up to 8 devices to be plugged in with sufficient room for the wider DC adapters to fit and it will protect them against power surges. What makes it ‘special’ is, of course, the remote control that will completely shut off all but 2 of the outlets so nothing, not even stand-by power is consumed. This is good because it saves some energy and I suspect that the devices for which the power was completely shut down are better protected in the event of a spike. With the remote on my desk, I found that I almost always remember to shut things down when I’m done.

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The following are noteworthy, in my view.


+ Simple remote control with a 60 ft. range and no line of sight requirement to turn off all but 2 of the outlets – it’s what makes this device special.

+ On-Off switch could be mounted on a wall (mounting screws not provided) or simply glued to the wall or the side of your desk (adhesive tape provided).

+ 8-outlet capacity with a lot of room for the wider AC adapters.

+ ‘Always on’ light shows that power is present.

+ ‘Not grounded’ red light (must be off) will warn you when there’s something wrong. Its warranty won’t apply if the light was on when your devices got fried. I don’t know if for a fact but I assume they have a way of telling if that was the case.

+ ‘Remote-Switched Outlets’ light shows when switched outlets are active.

+ Manual override button allows for direct control of switched outlets. A must have when the remote’s battery needs replacing.

+ Clip for cable management. If you don’t need it – and I didn’t – you can simply pull it and it comes out easily.

+ Thin (one inch) and flat shape. Sits well on any flat surface, usually the floor.

+ It’s possible to control several similar devices with one remote control or have each respond to its own on-off remote – the manual shows you how to set them up.

+ 4 foot long cord.

The only negative I can think of is the overhyped up to $100,000 protection promised if your equipment is destroyed by a power surge. Once you read the fine print you realize that by the way it’s worded, it would probably cost you more to fulfill the requirements and prove your case than whatever you are likely to get IF you are successful.



I like its opting for simplicity – click ‘off’ and you’re done – over the more complex semi-intelligent energy saving power strips that many will find difficult to set up and don’t always perform the way one expects. With me in control, at least I won’t be blaming someone else if something goes wrong. The outlets that I can turn off when not using them should probably not waste 25-35W each hour for 12+ hours every day plus weekends. Not bad and it should probably pay for itself after about a year of use.

I am awarding 5 stars to this item that addresses real issues by providing a realistic solution. It’s possible that the power strips of the future are going to be a lot more intelligent than today’s but, until then, this is the optimal solution for me.