Daily Archive: November 17, 2013

This Switch Acts Like A Single On/Off Button – Either Paddle Acts As You Want It To

I have the light where I really need it and the switch out-of sight. I would buy this again (when needed). Appears to be better quality than similar switch I had purchased (which failed after less than a year). Other switch had a built in night light that I liked. This one does not have that feature.

We hooked up a fluorescent strip light, but wanted a way to turn it on and off beside groping in the dark for the in-line switch. We purchased this, plugged it into an available outlet in the closet, and located the switch in the area where we wanted it. (We mounted the “switch” box with 3M picture hanging strips, so we could change the batteries easily) Works great, no problems. As others have noted elsewhere, although it looks like a standard “flip switch” in the pictures, it’s actually just a button you press for on/off. Doesn’t bother me, because I’m delighted to have light in the laundry closet!

Only complaint is that when ordering additional units they do not ask for a preferred frequency. You may want to match existing units or more than likely you may prefer different frequencies. This choice should be part of the ordering process.

They work great for this. The switch part is small and light enough to be attached with a couple pieces of removable mounting tape, which is great.

The only downside is the radio channel is built into the device, and there didn’t seem to be any way to choose which one you wanted, or really an indication that this was the case on the product page. I ordered three and they came one of each channel, which was what I needed so it worked out for me. Still you should be aware of the channel thing in case you want two to work on the same channel etc…

Now there is no danger of him tripping over something on his way to the bed. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a convenient way to control electronics.

Also, up and down on the switch both do the same thing; but they are nice aesthetically I suppose. Overall very happy with this purchase.

Since daddy and teen are not on the same sleep schedule :) we had to forgo using it and purchase another locally to be sure and get a different frequency. It would be nice if the frequency was in the description, but I couldn’t find one online that let you pick that way.

The only downfall is if you purchase two or more, make sure they are not too close to each other room wise. I have one in my bedroom and the other in the living room and when I turn one on in one room, the other also turns on. Not a huge problem, but sometimes they tend to get mixed up and when one turns on, the other turns off. It’s kind of comical, but really frustrating at times. Otherwise, very simple idea for one or two rooms, if separated enough.