Daily Archive: November 16, 2013

Solid Wireless Solution To For An Outlet

You might think “what’s the big deal”, but I’d previously bought and immediately returned a similar device, Westinghouse T00412 Light Switch Remote (currently not available on Amazon, which is a good thing!). Here was my experience with both products:

Westinghouse- the battery was already installed when I opened the sealed package- so it’s likely energy was draining from the battery since it was packaged. Lamp turned ON when I flipped the switch up. Lamp stayed ON when I flipped the switch down- I couldn’t turn it off! Back to Amazon it went.

AmerTac- battery installed but with a plastic tab which I was instructed to remove- so the battery was fresh. Lamp turned ON when I flipped the switch up. Lamp turned OFF when I flipped the switch down.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it IS nice when a product does exactly what it’s supposed to do and MIGHTY AGGRAVATING when it doesn’t. Shame on you, Westinghouse!

I did not want to pay an electrician to rip apart my walls and my home is old, so they always insist on redoing everything. A simple job ends up costing way too much. Both units have worked flawlessly for 4 months and I turn them on and off every night, sometimes more if I leave at night.
I plan on ordering a few more matching sets (Channel F) for my living room switch so that multiple lights will turn on at the same time with one switch… Be sure to order different channels if you want to install multiple sets for different lights.
Quality of the switches is a solid rocker and the lights can be turned on or off by hitting either the top or bottom of the switch. Rather convenient unintentional feature.

It was designed like a large paddle switch, but did not behave like one. Beneath the large paddle are small micro-switches, and you must press the paddle in exactly the right spot to activate or deactivate the switch. If you pressed the paddle anywhere that was not directly above the micro-switch, the thin plastic of the paddle would deflect and absorb your motion and fail to depress the micro-switch.

This Westek switch has a smaller paddle which feels very firm to the touch and works every time. Furthermore, it does not actually matter which side you press. If the light is on, you can turn it off by pressing EITHER side of the paddle (and vice-versa). It functions like a single on/off button. We do not mount our switch on a wall, but use it to activate a light from our coffee table, so the fact that we never need to know which side is “up” or “on” is very nice.