Daily Archive: November 15, 2013

Canon Safe Interior Power Box options

I wanted to mount some sort of lighting and found that rope lighting was just the ticket. This switch was the perfect answer to be able to light the interior of the safe WHEN NEEDED. The plug in unit is the perfect size for the bottom outlet for lighting and leave me with another for the dehumidifier rod. 5 stars for the price and what it’s designed for.

This product is the most functional item I’ve ever purchased. This is the second one I’ve bought. The first one lasted me about a year before it spontaneously decided to stop working for unknown reasons. Given the inexpensive price I was more than happy to buy another one, worth it even if it only lasts a year! I’ve now had this item for >4 monthes. No problems.

I either had to mount an electrical box and cover plate under the cabinet, which stood out and looked sloppy or had a wire dangling down to plug into a socket.

This allowed me to hide all the wiring for the under cabinet wiring in the stove vent area and mount the switch next to the other switches for the kitchen. No wires or electrical junction boxes show and the installation looks very professional.

I mounted a light bar above the mirror and wired it to a two prong AC plug and ran it behind the mirror. I mounted this switch under the counter to make it easy to turn the lights on/off. It works just like I wanted it to and one would never know the lights werent built into the wall.

The way that I tried to specify the frequency was that the first switch I ordered was on the “B” frequency, so in the comments sections where you could leave instructions as if it was a gift, I told them to send me anything except one in the “B” frequency because I already had that. The second one they sent me was on frequency “D” so I think that it worked. I agree that there should be a way that we can just leave an instruction as to the frequency that we want, but there isn’t. I figured that since the vendor would read those instructions from the customer, this is probably better than just taking a chance that they won’t send you a second one on the same frequency as the first one that you ordered.

As far as the product is concerned, it works well and does the job. The switch has excellent range and you don’t necessarily need a clear line of sight to the remotely controlled plug. I was able to install a remote light switch for my living room pole lamp at the top of the stairs coming from the master bedroom. The second was installed on the headboard of my bed so I could remotely control the pole lamp in my bedroom. I did the same thing at my elderly mother’s house and she loves the convenience of having the light switch at the head of her bed.

I definitely recommend this product. You an use some double sided tape and mount your light switch at any convenient location.