Daily Archive: November 10, 2013

Works Great And As Expected

The remotes works exactly as expected. Since I have an office and just work at home at night and on the weekends, I wanted an easy way to completely shutdown my home monitor, printer, and ext hard drives when I am not using them. This worked great. It costs $30 on Amazon and $35 at my local Home Depot. Unless you have Prime shipping, it is probably not worth buying online if you have a local Home Depot or Lowes.

I’m one of those people that switch off their power strip/surge protectors; when seated at my desk I only need to lean a few inches (maybe a foot at most) towards the floor to knock the green-lit selector into the off position.

My Enercell worked fine; however, while purchasing beginning-of-the-year crap, I decided to buy a surge protector with a wall insert that was flush with the wall rather than a protrusion (note: yes I know that last part wasn’t exactly technical), and was tempted by the promise of being able to ‘manage [my] power use via remote control’.

These are not the ho-hum benefit statements of yore; Belkin is promising, in effect, to add seconds (possibly ten seconds on aggregate) to my life. And remember kids, we are ALL selling convenience…

…and so I bought it, and it screamed from some state in the interior of this country (with the other crap for the year that is now upon us) to solve the “energy cliff” which I was so precariously teetering off of. I unplugged everything, rewired it all into the Belkin, and like Link holding up the Master Sword, held the remote above my head and clicked.(!)

And it didn’t bloody work. I repeatedly clicked it, and it repeatedly didn’t work.

I unplugged it all, plugged everything back into the Enercell, and started reading the manual. And then I logged back onto Amazon to read the reviews, somewhat like your doing now (only somwhat because you are actually reading an unboxing epic), when I noticed in the preview pics that the remote was mounted on the wall.

In order for it to be mounted on the wall, there would have to be a wall mount. But there was none in the box! They denied me a wall mount! I was certain that words would be exchanged with a Belkin customer service representative!

But nay! Upon closer inspection, I noticed the other pics with the remote out of the wall mount…and realized it came shipped inside of the wall mount. It was like studying epistemology for the first time, all over again.

Quite frankly, whatever time would have been saved by purchasing the Belkin Conserve Switch Energy-Saving Surge Protector with Remote has been spent writing this review. Buy it, get what you expected, and always remember friends…