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Works Like a Champ

I am using these in my living room and can switch on/off lights depending on need with the remote from the comfort of the couch!

The remote works from any where in my home to switch on/off the lights even though these were hidden behind my sofa.

There were three units on this remote and I have 2 trees in two different rooms in my house. I just click each one from almost anywhere in my home and they go off (and come on) when I’m ready. I decided to use the 3rd one on a set of lights that I had in still another room and they work just the same. I plan to use this for lamps in my library and bedrooms after Christmas. I’ll let you know what other items I choose to use with this item. The only downside (and it’s not really horrible) is that the adaptor is a lttle large but it does not cover the second receptiable on my wall outlet. I also had not trouble plugging gthe one that controls my stringed lights into a heavy duty extension cord and it still worked perfectly.

I have several now. I used to connect lights in a guest bedroom for my father. It works so well and so handy I began to connect other things, such as corner lights, reading lamps, even a quartz ceramic heater.

Other than that and the fact that it just has an overall cheap used feel, they do what its advertised to do. I have a set of klipsch speakers(Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless Computer Speakers) that don’t have an on off switch so to turn them off I have to get up and unplug them. Thats no bueno. So… this works for me and i don’t have to get out my bed to do it. I also like how all three switches are on one remote.

I have 3 lights in my living room that are in various locations and with just a push of a button I can light up each one from my comfy chair. I used to have to bend down to turn on an uplight in the corner of the room, but now I just push a button. I used to accidentally mess up the shades on my table lambs while trying to turn them on in the dark, but now I push a button. I gave it 4 out of 5 because they do make a clicking noise when turning on and off and they are kind of cheap looking. I would have preferred a black color or something more modern looking. These are very small details in an otherwise great product.

I put rope lighting above my cabinets and I plugged them into my outlet that also serves my above stove microwave. Needless to say, it was not cool to climb on a chair everytime to unplug and plus the lights in. Now, I swirl my wine and push the button and viola …..lights on above cabinets for some extreme mood lighting.

I am really glad I bought them. Every day I find more and more uses for them around the house.

My only concern is the material feels cheap and I feel like they could stop working at any time. The plastic buttons are very flimsy but none of them have failed me yet. Also, as others have said, the recievers are a bit bulky. I tend to use a lot of power strips and these are not very power strip friendly.

Overall, I am happy with the product. If you are looking for remote control outlets, these will not upset especially for the price.

I Have Two of These and Would Recommend Them to a Friend and Buy Again

You can also turn the outlet off and on without the remote too, which is easier than plugging in and unplugging your christmas lights. The remote works through walls. The battery was a little difficult to get in but nothing too hard, its nothing to avoid the product about. The thing is a little big and slightly covers the other socket, but you can still plug a surge protector into the other socket if you play with it a little.

True – they are on the large size, the battery took some effort to get in, the remote is kinda cheapish feeling and looking. But that said…

I have an all X10 remote system at home. For whatever reason, I could never get the small TV and fan to work reliably on X10. They’d stop working, start working, and/or interfere with my other lights. After fighting with X10 for years, I finally said – I just want to turn on the fan. What’s so difficult about that?

Well, these do not require anything more than to plug them in. Look for an 1-Foot Extension Power Cable, 5-Pack outlet saver, liberator, or 1 foot extension cord for some applications. Compared to X10, these units are fast, quiet, and reliable. Just a single button so if the fan goes on, it’s on. There are indicators on the unit itself to let you know if you have power, if the switch is on or off, and two buttons for on/off or just off-only.

If you want simple and easy, this is it. I’ve only had them a week, so for reliability I have my fingers crossed.

Sure enough I just plugged in socket 1 and 2 into the wall, plugged in the lights and the system was good to go. It has worked flawlessly so far.

The remote isn’t the most attractive, but it isn’t as ugly as some of the other options. And quite why they had to pick a non-standard battery for the remote I’m not sure; I know that will be annoying when it fails.

The other thing I don’t understand is in this day and age why the plug ins are quite so big. It seems like they could achieve something this simple with a smaller device. Because of this odds are you are going to lose both outlets when you plug this in, unless you are using an extension cable.

1. It’s not a clapper so accidental loud noises do not turn the light on/off. 2. There are multiple plugs so I can use multiple lights throughout my house with the same remote. 3. The remote works from far distances so I can turn on lights in the back of my home from the front. My only issue is that the outlet socket itself is quite bulky and can block the outlet below/above it sometimes.

Really Surprised with This Product

This one is by far working the best and has the nicest remote. Even though the remote looks and feels cheap, trust me – all the other manufacturers of these type of outlets make even worse remotes. This one has one button for each outlet On/Off which is great (rather than one button for On and one button for Off – which is a nuisance in the dark trying to feel around for which one is off and on).

This brand also has been the most consistent of the three when you press the button. The first set I bought barely worked when I pressed the buttons (I’d say less than 10% response rate). The 2nd set was a little better but you had to press the button more than once sometimes (maybe 50% response rate). The 2nd set also died after 5 months of use. This set is very responsive and I have yet to wait or press more than once to get the desired effect.

The deduction of one star is due to the size of the outlets. They are very large, almost twice as large as some other brands. They also have the buttons and light on the top which effectively make the top outlet on a standard 2-outlet wall plate inaccessible for anything other than a 2-prong standard plug!!! I had a cordless phone plugged into an outlet that I had to move to another area of my bedroom to make room for the wireless outlet.

I am hoping this set stands the test of time.

There are a few things you should know before buying, though.

1. The batteries are not hard to put in. I have no idea what planet these other people are living on. Even if it were hard, you rarely have to do it. I’ve been operating these regularly for 6 months without the need to change the batteries.

2. The buttons are responsive. You don’t need to press hard or keep pressing them to get something to happen. There’s a barely-perceptible delay before the light switches off, but it’s hardly different from flicking a regular lightswitch.

3. The sockets are bulky and stick out at least 2 inches from the face plate of the socket. If you need this behind a piece of furniture, keep that in mind.

I was happy to see the package came with a battery, yet the battery cover was nearly impossible to take off (I had to use a screwdriver to wedge it off). I am not looking forward to when I need to replace the battery because it does not use any common battery type, like AA or AAA. It uses a smaller AAA style battery. I thought it would cover both outlets when I plugged it in, so I tried to find some single outlet short extension cords at home and could not find any. I was about to give up and order some pricey ones on Amazon when I just decided to try it. I was so happy to find that these do not cover both outlets and you can still plug in something else below it as long as the plug is not too fatty. The installation is dead simple. You just plug the switch into an outlet, plug in your device you want to control into the switch and that’s it. Nothing to program, nothing to worry about. I was hoping I could program my universal remote to operate my lights, but because these do not us IR technology, my remote cannot be programmed for these switches. However, because it does not use IR technology you can use the remote without having to point it at the device.

Very Convenient and Practical

I have my mood lights on one, my fish tank light on another and lastly my entertainment center lights on as well.

Don’t be afraid to play around with these, I put an entire power cord with additional plugs to control 4 items at once! 4 items and I only used one of the sockets giving me 2 more to use.

They have not “turned on” by themselves and the remote is fairly small and barely noticeable on the coffee table.

After a long day I head straight to the couch where every light is at my fingertips.

A MUST if you have any light switches on the ground (People who buy Ikea lamps know this problem) or behind your entertainment center like myself.

I would not know what would happen if you bought a 2nd set, you might have 2 sockets being turned on and off at once, but who knows. 1 set has been more than enough for my needs. ENJOY!

the remote switch works like a charm, I don’t have to worry about breaking something on my end tables while trying to turn on/off the lamps behind it. I am going to order another set for my bedroom.

Only con (if you call it a con) is the size of the switch that goes in the wall socket, it takes a decent chunk of space but that is not a concern to me personally…

Got this set of 3 to at a good price. One for a bedroom light, one hidden away behind the TV feeding PS3 and receiver, and the third is currently unused. The remote is conveniently mounted on the wall where only adults can get to it. Works well and has good range. Only downside is the bulkiness – it blocks two outlets. Also, it is 3 pin and cannot be rotated so does not sit well with the power strip without blocking 3 outlets; I have it partially over the power strip switch to save an outlet. Wish it could swivel and/or be a bit less bulky.

I was able to use this on two lamps in the living room and a shop light in e garage. It has worked flawlessly since I received it. I am ordering another one for the master bedroom.

Range is excellent – I have tested to 40 feet and it works fine – and super easy to set up and get working. I use the remote every day for 6 months and, so far, never had any problems. I wish I would have found these earlier.

It had a super easy set up, literally plug-and-play. My only complaint, which kept it from getting 5-stars, is lack of wall mounting options. The remote isn’t that big, and it’s easy to misplace (particularly in the dark). If they included a wall bracket, it would be close to perfect.

I have two hooked up to lights and one to my heater I turn on in the morning when its cold. And now I dont have to leave my warm bed to do it.

Makes Your Life That Much Easier!

The receptacle units are really bulky but you can plug one into the bottom socket of your typical two-socket vertical outlet and still use the top one. Range is excellent – I can control a lamp at one end of my house from the bathroom at the extreme other end of the house, something I didn’t really expect these to do. My only fault is the same as mentioned by another reviewer – the battery (supplied) that goes into the remote is an unusual type and it is a very, very tight fit – someone with a weak grip or a dose of arthritis is going to need some help getting it in there – but once that’s done these are very handy.

Usually we would just use a power strip, but I like gadgets! They work great. If you are close to what you are controlling, the button works every time. as you get further away, it does get a little flaky. They are perfect for what I want to use them for.

But based on the favorable reviews posted here, I made the purchase. The outlet sockets were plug-n-play, and the system was working as advertised once batteries were inserted into the remote. I am using the remote to control three lamps in my living room and each works perfectly. The remote, while light-weight, does not feel flimsy. The outlet sockets do make a “click” sound when activated or de-activated. I have been using the remote system for a few months and I have no complaints at all. Highly recommended product at a great price!

We have a hanging lamp in our living room and we were really tired of plugging it in and unplugging it. we hooked the lamp to one of the plugs and it works great! we used the other 2 for our lamps on our end tables. the battery compartment is hard to open (as stated in other reviews) but i did not need tools to open it, just a little elbow grease :)

Having the very compact remote on a knee wall just on entering the house, can light up 3 lamps in very separate areas of the room instantly. EXTREMELY efficient and conveneient. Only drawback (so 4, instead of 5 stars) is that the units are large and take up most of the socket space unless you are using a very small plug in the top socket.May buy more -definitely worth it!

I ran a flood light from outside the garage into the garage and attached one of these remote plugs. I can now turn the light on from the house and then walk the dog and turn it off when I get back inside. Works for what I need and saves expensive and timely wiring.

I used it to turn on lamps in my rooms since I try to not use the celing lights (and avoid having to change bulbs). Only complaint is that it is very large – I can’t use 2nd wall outlet when pluggin in this device.

Remote Outlet Makes It Very Easier to Control What I Want to

We are using these for our phone chargers/radio, X-mas tree, and electric comforter/night-light. The OFF button of one of the outlets is a little sticky, but it works when pressed firmly. I really do like how these have manual OFF and on as well, in case the remote is in another room, and these do work from a good distance. They have a cheap plastic feel to them, but should hold up for our usage, as they are not being bumped or moved in their current locations. Will update if opinion/performance changes.

In price comparison, Big Lots had just one of these for $12 by its lonesome, so this 3-pack was well thought out and executed price-wise. The only bad thing is that these are bulky and must be put in the top socket of and outlet so you can still use the bottom socket. The pieces worked as advertised, both with the remote and the buttons of them themselves. I wish I had thought this product up myself.

I bought it for my sister that is on a walker and it has been been a safety device for her. She can turn the lamps on in other rooms before entering and turn lights off when leaving a room. I recommend this to anyone, regardless if there is a need because of a handicap or just a convience. Well worth the money.

I really only needed two to work anyway. I placed units 1 and 2 about eight feet apart on the same wall. Unit 3 is 100 ft away in another room. All three units are working properly on separate frequencies. I can operate all three from anywhere in my 1100 sq ft apartment or from my car parked on the street. The product arrived quickly and I’ve been using it for two weeks.

We have 3 pole lamps in our apartment that don’t have easily accessible switches. This product allows us to control everything from one remote. Installation was very easy and the product seems durable. The only drawback is that the outlet adapter is a little large – this can potentially block the other outlet from being used. That point aside – this is a great value.

I plugged in three lamps in my living room and I am able to turn them on from my kitchen which is great because the kitchen is where I come in from the garage. It is nice to be able to light up my living room without having to walk all the way over to turn the lamps on. These outlets are definitely worth the money. The only thing somewhat negative about the outlets is that when you plug them in the wall outlet, it pretty much covers the whole thing making it inaccessible to the second outlet. Overall, the positives of these remote control outlets outweighs the negative.