Daily Archive: August 22, 2013

I Have Two of These and Would Recommend Them to a Friend and Buy Again

You can also turn the outlet off and on without the remote too, which is easier than plugging in and unplugging your christmas lights. The remote works through walls. The battery was a little difficult to get in but nothing too hard, its nothing to avoid the product about. The thing is a little big and slightly covers the other socket, but you can still plug a surge protector into the other socket if you play with it a little.

True – they are on the large size, the battery took some effort to get in, the remote is kinda cheapish feeling and looking. But that said…

I have an all X10 remote system at home. For whatever reason, I could never get the small TV and fan to work reliably on X10. They’d stop working, start working, and/or interfere with my other lights. After fighting with X10 for years, I finally said – I just want to turn on the fan. What’s so difficult about that?

Well, these do not require anything more than to plug them in. Look for an 1-Foot Extension Power Cable, 5-Pack outlet saver, liberator, or 1 foot extension cord for some applications. Compared to X10, these units are fast, quiet, and reliable. Just a single button so if the fan goes on, it’s on. There are indicators on the unit itself to let you know if you have power, if the switch is on or off, and two buttons for on/off or just off-only.

If you want simple and easy, this is it. I’ve only had them a week, so for reliability I have my fingers crossed.

Sure enough I just plugged in socket 1 and 2 into the wall, plugged in the lights and the system was good to go. It has worked flawlessly so far.

The remote isn’t the most attractive, but it isn’t as ugly as some of the other options. And quite why they had to pick a non-standard battery for the remote I’m not sure; I know that will be annoying when it fails.

The other thing I don’t understand is in this day and age why the plug ins are quite so big. It seems like they could achieve something this simple with a smaller device. Because of this odds are you are going to lose both outlets when you plug this in, unless you are using an extension cable.

1. It’s not a clapper so accidental loud noises do not turn the light on/off. 2. There are multiple plugs so I can use multiple lights throughout my house with the same remote. 3. The remote works from far distances so I can turn on lights in the back of my home from the front. My only issue is that the outlet socket itself is quite bulky and can block the outlet below/above it sometimes.