Daily Archive: August 19, 2013

Makes Your Life That Much Easier!

The receptacle units are really bulky but you can plug one into the bottom socket of your typical two-socket vertical outlet and still use the top one. Range is excellent – I can control a lamp at one end of my house from the bathroom at the extreme other end of the house, something I didn’t really expect these to do. My only fault is the same as mentioned by another reviewer – the battery (supplied) that goes into the remote is an unusual type and it is a very, very tight fit – someone with a weak grip or a dose of arthritis is going to need some help getting it in there – but once that’s done these are very handy.

Usually we would just use a power strip, but I like gadgets! They work great. If you are close to what you are controlling, the button works every time. as you get further away, it does get a little flaky. They are perfect for what I want to use them for.

But based on the favorable reviews posted here, I made the purchase. The outlet sockets were plug-n-play, and the system was working as advertised once batteries were inserted into the remote. I am using the remote to control three lamps in my living room and each works perfectly. The remote, while light-weight, does not feel flimsy. The outlet sockets do make a “click” sound when activated or de-activated. I have been using the remote system for a few months and I have no complaints at all. Highly recommended product at a great price!

We have a hanging lamp in our living room and we were really tired of plugging it in and unplugging it. we hooked the lamp to one of the plugs and it works great! we used the other 2 for our lamps on our end tables. the battery compartment is hard to open (as stated in other reviews) but i did not need tools to open it, just a little elbow grease :)

Having the very compact remote on a knee wall just on entering the house, can light up 3 lamps in very separate areas of the room instantly. EXTREMELY efficient and conveneient. Only drawback (so 4, instead of 5 stars) is that the units are large and take up most of the socket space unless you are using a very small plug in the top socket.May buy more -definitely worth it!

I ran a flood light from outside the garage into the garage and attached one of these remote plugs. I can now turn the light on from the house and then walk the dog and turn it off when I get back inside. Works for what I need and saves expensive and timely wiring.

I used it to turn on lamps in my rooms since I try to not use the celing lights (and avoid having to change bulbs). Only complaint is that it is very large – I can’t use 2nd wall outlet when pluggin in this device.