Daily Archive: August 15, 2013

Very Handy for Rooms with No Overhead Lights

Just press the button and all the foorlamps in the room come on. Also a positive is the batteries you put in the one-button remote seems to last a very long time, it’s been over a year and I have not had to replace the batteries yet. To make things easy I used a 3M command strip to affix the on-button remote to the wall and saved a lot of money compared to having the room wired for overhead lamp and light switches.

Purchased this instead of running the extension cord around the room. I have been using it for over 4 months and so far works great! One thing bothers me at the beginning was the size of the receiver. This thing is lot bigger than I thought. However, this looks lot nicer than running a wire around the room or walking across the dark room to turn on the light.

It works perfectly and allows me to turn this lamp on from a distance as well. The power bar is a little larger than I expected but seems well made and safe. The remote bar turns on and off easily and doesn’t take up much space. I would definitely recommend this product.

It works just fine for us to control table lamps when you enter from an area that has no wall switch. All you need is to have the lamp turned on and if the wall outlet is controled from a wall switch, be sure it is on. I would recommend this highly for wireless switching.

At install, the controller was finicky about where to point it to make it work. But a couple days later when I tried to get the lights on, I had to hold it a foot away from the outlet to make it work–sometimes. I bought a name brand one at the local hardware store for $2 more and it works perfectly from virtually anywhere in my house. This one is not well made and not reliable; I won’t be buying anything this brand again ever.

Many remotes I’ve tested take a couple second to activate, are tempermental or quit working after a few weeks. Both of the ones I bought worked IMMEDIATELY and without any delay. They’re attached to our treadmills and when people need air, they push the button and the fans come on. It’s GREAT. I’m not sure why some people are saying the fans turn off after a couple hours, we haven’t experienced that at all. The only thing I’d like different is if they came in black too.

After buying half a dozen different wireless remotes, this is the best one (and one of the cheapest) I’ve ever bought. Highly recommend.

I think this is one a better design than my first switch that lasted approximately three years. Had this new switch for three months and so far works like a charm. This is more than just a convenience. I use the wireless switch to turn on/off ceiling track lighting in my studio that does not have a switchable AC outlet. I really couldn’t be without it.