Daily Archive: August 17, 2013

Excellent and Reasonably Priced Remote Switch, Great Devices for Home!

It allows me to turn off/on my bedroom lights without getting out of bed. Easy to install. Three buttons for control of three lights. Same button for on and off. Couldn’t find this at Home Depot, but Amazon had it at a great price. Thanks!

Great purchase if you don’t want to spend the money on home automation.
I purchased this to control 4 mood lighting lamps around my media center and two low light floor lamps in the great room. After setting it up, it works flawlessly. The plug in units have a solid feel to their construction, but the remote seems pretty flimsy. I’ll see how long it holds up.
Note that when you insert the battery in the remote, you need to put it in evenly and not the conventional way of pushing in the “+” end and then sliding in the “-” end.
The units will render the second of two inlets unusable for all if not most other plugs. I suppose you could get a surge protector and plug it in there if you needed the other wall outlet.
The way I got 4 lamps connected to one unit required a some accessories, two extension cords (I could have made it work with just one) and two small 1 to 3 plug add ons. By using these I was able to get all 4 plugs running into the remote unit. These are low voltage lamps, so I’m not worried about any overload.
Now I’m waiting for it to get dark so I can enjoy what I hope will be very cool lighting while I watch my large screen TV. If I don’t like it I’ll have to change the bulbs to a different wattage, but this item works great!
I actually came to the site to look up this product and see if the remote signal was IR or RF in order to try to program these into my Harmony Remote, but the item description does not say which it is.

Finally got battery inserted and so far it’s working fine…but the problem with a lot of these remotes is if they continue working satisfactorily. Will report later after more experience.

Some days severe arthritis can make it difficult to get up or down, or even to turn a switch on a lamp. I placed these sockets in key locations like for a lamp across the room from my favorite seating area; not only does it help me turn things on and off but I don’t have to get up to do so! Just plug in the item you want to control and you’re all set.

If you plug directly it into a wall socket the device takes up the space of both wall outlets but I discovered that you can use these with an outlet strip style surge protector and it works just fine.

I like that I can carry the remote in my purse and even turn on my interior lights *before* I open my front door. Mine did not come with the battery as was advertised/expected; Amazon customer service gave a partial credit to cover the cost of a battery – thanks Amazon!