Daily Archive: August 18, 2013

Remote Outlet Makes It Very Easier to Control What I Want to

We are using these for our phone chargers/radio, X-mas tree, and electric comforter/night-light. The OFF button of one of the outlets is a little sticky, but it works when pressed firmly. I really do like how these have manual OFF and on as well, in case the remote is in another room, and these do work from a good distance. They have a cheap plastic feel to them, but should hold up for our usage, as they are not being bumped or moved in their current locations. Will update if opinion/performance changes.

In price comparison, Big Lots had just one of these for $12 by its lonesome, so this 3-pack was well thought out and executed price-wise. The only bad thing is that these are bulky and must be put in the top socket of and outlet so you can still use the bottom socket. The pieces worked as advertised, both with the remote and the buttons of them themselves. I wish I had thought this product up myself.

I bought it for my sister that is on a walker and it has been been a safety device for her. She can turn the lamps on in other rooms before entering and turn lights off when leaving a room. I recommend this to anyone, regardless if there is a need because of a handicap or just a convience. Well worth the money.

I really only needed two to work anyway. I placed units 1 and 2 about eight feet apart on the same wall. Unit 3 is 100 ft away in another room. All three units are working properly on separate frequencies. I can operate all three from anywhere in my 1100 sq ft apartment or from my car parked on the street. The product arrived quickly and I’ve been using it for two weeks.

We have 3 pole lamps in our apartment that don’t have easily accessible switches. This product allows us to control everything from one remote. Installation was very easy and the product seems durable. The only drawback is that the outlet adapter is a little large – this can potentially block the other outlet from being used. That point aside – this is a great value.

I plugged in three lamps in my living room and I am able to turn them on from my kitchen which is great because the kitchen is where I come in from the garage. It is nice to be able to light up my living room without having to walk all the way over to turn the lamps on. These outlets are definitely worth the money. The only thing somewhat negative about the outlets is that when you plug them in the wall outlet, it pretty much covers the whole thing making it inaccessible to the second outlet. Overall, the positives of these remote control outlets outweighs the negative.