Daily Archive: August 20, 2013

Very Convenient and Practical

I have my mood lights on one, my fish tank light on another and lastly my entertainment center lights on as well.

Don’t be afraid to play around with these, I put an entire power cord with additional plugs to control 4 items at once! 4 items and I only used one of the sockets giving me 2 more to use.

They have not “turned on” by themselves and the remote is fairly small and barely noticeable on the coffee table.

After a long day I head straight to the couch where every light is at my fingertips.

A MUST if you have any light switches on the ground (People who buy Ikea lamps know this problem) or behind your entertainment center like myself.

I would not know what would happen if you bought a 2nd set, you might have 2 sockets being turned on and off at once, but who knows. 1 set has been more than enough for my needs. ENJOY!

the remote switch works like a charm, I don’t have to worry about breaking something on my end tables while trying to turn on/off the lamps behind it. I am going to order another set for my bedroom.

Only con (if you call it a con) is the size of the switch that goes in the wall socket, it takes a decent chunk of space but that is not a concern to me personally…

Got this set of 3 to at a good price. One for a bedroom light, one hidden away behind the TV feeding PS3 and receiver, and the third is currently unused. The remote is conveniently mounted on the wall where only adults can get to it. Works well and has good range. Only downside is the bulkiness – it blocks two outlets. Also, it is 3 pin and cannot be rotated so does not sit well with the power strip without blocking 3 outlets; I have it partially over the power strip switch to save an outlet. Wish it could swivel and/or be a bit less bulky.

I was able to use this on two lamps in the living room and a shop light in e garage. It has worked flawlessly since I received it. I am ordering another one for the master bedroom.

Range is excellent – I have tested to 40 feet and it works fine – and super easy to set up and get working. I use the remote every day for 6 months and, so far, never had any problems. I wish I would have found these earlier.

It had a super easy set up, literally plug-and-play. My only complaint, which kept it from getting 5-stars, is lack of wall mounting options. The remote isn’t that big, and it’s easy to misplace (particularly in the dark). If they included a wall bracket, it would be close to perfect.

I have two hooked up to lights and one to my heater I turn on in the morning when its cold. And now I dont have to leave my warm bed to do it.