Daily Archive: August 13, 2013

some information about remote outlet

Now instead of having to wander round the room turning lights on I just flick the room switch and every lamp comes on together. No setup hassles, just press a switch on this device then hold the light switch for 10 seconds and the two are linked together.

The remote control feels cheaply made and the buttons seem fragile.
There’s no keyring or hole on the remote control like there is on the Clapper remote control so I can’t “hang” it on my night-table. Worked-around it with tie-wrap but velcro would probably work, too.
The battery isn’t AA, AAA, or standard 9V. It’s 23A, 12W.

The remote wall switch solved a big problem in my bedroom where the hot plug is on the opposite tiny wall with no room for a light, but the product could not be more cheaply manufactured. They included two plastic screws to secure the faceplate on to the switch backing. I hand screwed the plastic screws in, and both of the screw heads snapped off. This left the base of the screws inside the backing

If you press the button quickly, the light on the remote will light up, but nothing happens on the receiver side (most likely either remote is not sending the signal or the signal is not sent for a long enough duration for the receiver to pick it up). However, if you press and hold the button for a short period of time, it seems to work flawlessly. I’ve tried it through walls, outside from a reasonable distance, etc

To combat the harsh ceiling fixture lighting in my place, I bought some floor lamps that would reflect light up toward the ceiling instead of the light coming down. The lamps’ switches are toward the top of the lamps; I can stand from my wheelchair to operate the switches, but with my lack of balance it wasn’t safe turning them on and off. Searching for a solution, I came across these and they looked like they’d do the trick. And they do.

I opened it up, got it all set up, pushed the button, and just like magic my lights turned on. Quite satisfied with my purchase, I pushed the button again… nothing. Lights stayed on. The product never worked again. I tried everything I could think of – I moved the switch around, I wiggled the batteries.