Daily Archive: August 23, 2013

Works Like a Champ

I am using these in my living room and can switch on/off lights depending on need with the remote from the comfort of the couch!

The remote works from any where in my home to switch on/off the lights even though these were hidden behind my sofa.

There were three units on this remote and I have 2 trees in two different rooms in my house. I just click each one from almost anywhere in my home and they go off (and come on) when I’m ready. I decided to use the 3rd one on a set of lights that I had in still another room and they work just the same. I plan to use this for lamps in my library and bedrooms after Christmas. I’ll let you know what other items I choose to use with this item. The only downside (and it’s not really horrible) is that the adaptor is a lttle large but it does not cover the second receptiable on my wall outlet. I also had not trouble plugging gthe one that controls my stringed lights into a heavy duty extension cord and it still worked perfectly.

I have several now. I used to connect lights in a guest bedroom for my father. It works so well and so handy I began to connect other things, such as corner lights, reading lamps, even a quartz ceramic heater.

Other than that and the fact that it just has an overall cheap used feel, they do what its advertised to do. I have a set of klipsch speakers(Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless Computer Speakers) that don’t have an on off switch so to turn them off I have to get up and unplug them. Thats no bueno. So… this works for me and i don’t have to get out my bed to do it. I also like how all three switches are on one remote.

I have 3 lights in my living room that are in various locations and with just a push of a button I can light up each one from my comfy chair. I used to have to bend down to turn on an uplight in the corner of the room, but now I just push a button. I used to accidentally mess up the shades on my table lambs while trying to turn them on in the dark, but now I push a button. I gave it 4 out of 5 because they do make a clicking noise when turning on and off and they are kind of cheap looking. I would have preferred a black color or something more modern looking. These are very small details in an otherwise great product.

I put rope lighting above my cabinets and I plugged them into my outlet that also serves my above stove microwave. Needless to say, it was not cool to climb on a chair everytime to unplug and plus the lights in. Now, I swirl my wine and push the button and viola …..lights on above cabinets for some extreme mood lighting.

I am really glad I bought them. Every day I find more and more uses for them around the house.

My only concern is the material feels cheap and I feel like they could stop working at any time. The plastic buttons are very flimsy but none of them have failed me yet. Also, as others have said, the recievers are a bit bulky. I tend to use a lot of power strips and these are not very power strip friendly.

Overall, I am happy with the product. If you are looking for remote control outlets, these will not upset especially for the price.