Daily Archive: August 28, 2013


I absolutely love that I can switch them on and off from almost any distance and even from a different room before I enter it, the remote seems to have a decent range, the signal even seems to go through walls, which is perfect for my use case. I’ve been using this for a few months now, and never had any issues with the product.

They give you the option of turning the appliance, light, or whatever you’re running, on & off with either the remote, or at the plug in itself. Amazon’s price was also lower than the ones I saw at other stores. All in all a great product for a great price.

It is excellent for someone who is handicapped, and can not reach the normal on/off switch. The range is excellent. After reading the feedback on numerous remote receptacles, I wasn’t expecting much in terms of distance. But, this product is excellent. Standing in my Living room, which is 35 feet (a foyer and two rooms away), the switch worked perfectly, each time. I was pleasantly surprised at the distance it worked…One slight issue. If you plan on using a Power Strip, they are a little bulky, overlapping the adjacent receptacle, rendering it unusable. They do make Power Strips designed to house power transformers, or give it more thought on where to strategically you place each device on the power strip…Not a big issue. Overall, the product is excellent, it has a very good range, it comes with a battery, and it just simply works without any problems. Would purchase the same brand again. Extremely pleased.

I bought these because I have no light on my ceiling, so every night I would have to go around my studio turning every single bulb each by each…now everything is centered in my control…also, when going to sleep I just turn it off when already in bed. Great!

What you plug in the wall could actually be smaller…it works very well, but it is huge!

I plugged it into a socket in my attic. I plugged my attic fan into the unit. Then I went downstairs and pushed the on side of the button for the unit and I heard the fan immediately start running. I then pushed the stop side of the button and heard the fan stop. I then started the fan again with perfect results. The signal is passing through a wall, up one story, and through a door to the receiving unit without any difficulty. I would recommend this item to anyone who needs a remote control device for controlling 110-120 volt devices.