Daily Archive: August 30, 2013

Fantastic For Us Lazy People, A Good Reliable Product

So I bought these things. Fantastic! I velcro mounted the remote in two locations (one by the door to be the light switch and then a second mount by my bed if I wanna feel lazy. Super convenient for my two lamps which are at opposite ends of the room.

Then I had three plugs left over and I got creative. I attached two of them to stained glass lanterns and the fifth to a semi-complicated set up that let’s just say can turn on Marvin Gaye at the push of a button… I’m not saying that it’s WHY the girl I’m seeing is still seeing me… but it didn’t hurt.

Cheesiness be damned, remote controlled lights are amazing, geeky fun.

The one big downside of these is that they are HUGE. If there are three sockets, it can basically knock out the ones on either side of it and above it. On a basic power strip it can knock out almost the entire strip. It would be nice if you could turn the socket as I’ve seen on other devices so big but you can’t. Be ready to either get an extension cord or find yourself losing access to a few plugs. Other than that though, works perfectly.

I decided to go this route and I’m beyond happy with it. The remote is easy to use, and the outlet plugs don’t give off too much light (all these remote devices have a tiny LED light on them, which can be annoying in the dark). I’ve got these things plugged into every outlet in my room, so I can basically lay in bed and turn everything on and off. Laziness rules!!!

It could be the range is enhanced because of the size (I’m not capable of analyzing the electronics), but you can’t plug two of these into one regular wall “double” outlet. They are grounded plugs and that requires that they both be inserted the same direction. I have a six outlet surge protector I used for the prior remote controls, but only one of the new units would fit in the six outlet plug at a time. In other words, they are big. I’ve included pictures above to show the difference between the old style I had and this newer style. The old style had an antenna you pulled out to enhance the signal, but it still didn’t work all that well. These, however, seem to have a good range and don’t use an antenna. Overall, I’m pleased.

The box was labeled “3 pack” even though it contained 5 units. A search on Amazon for “DB-Tech Wireless Remote Control” turned up a 3 pack (apparently they use the same box for both). The remote is a little smaller. You might also be able to find a better deal on Amazon for the 5 pack doing a search for “DB-Tech Wireless Remote Control”.